10 interesting things about beautiful butterflies that will amaze you

Referring to butterflies, surely many people will immediately think of a beautiful, weak and fragile creature. However, there are facts about butterflies that surely after reading you will have a completely different view of them. Here are interesting facts about butterflies, please read to learn more about this beautiful creature.

1. Butterflies are nearsighted. Butterfly eyes see quite well between 10-12 feet (3 meters – 3.2 meters). But beyond that distance, everything with butterflies is very blurry. Butterflies rely on their eyesight to find mates and find nectar.

2. Butterflies taste with their feet. On the feet of butterflies there are taste receptors that help them find a host plant and a food source. The female butterfly will use her foot to push hard on the leaf to secrete juice.

3. Butterflies almost exclusively feed on liquids. The mouthparts of adult butterflies are modified to allow them to eat only liquids, usually nectar. They use a proboscis in the mouth to suck nectar from flowers. When not in use this faucet will bend. In addition to nectar, butterflies also like to suck blood, crocodile tears … mud puddles to supplement minerals.

Butterflies have 3 pairs of legs

4. Butterflies can’t fly if the weather is cold. Butterflies are cold-blooded animals and cannot regulate their own body temperature. Butterflies can only eat or fly when the air temperature ranges from 82º-100ºF (27ºC – 38ºC). When temperatures reach 38ºC, butterflies have to find a cool place to hide.

5. Butterflies have up to 3 pairs of legs. The small legs help the butterfly stand on the flowers, cling firmly to not be blown away by strong winds.

Transparent butterfly wings

6. Antarctica is the only continent on Earth where there are no butterflies.

7. Butterflies can fly at speeds up to 50km/h, about the same speed as a motorcycle.

8. The weight of butterflies is very light, they only weigh about two rose petals.

9. Caterpillars have no bones, but have more than 1,000 muscles, while the human body has only 650 muscles. Large muscles help them to move at a fast speed, escaping from predators.


10. The butterfly’s wings are covered with thousands of tiny scales that are divided into 2-3 layers and are transparent. Butterfly wings let light through, so different butterflies have different colors after they absorb light and chlorophyll.


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