100 million should do what business?

100 million should do what business?

Business is the first choice of those who have a certain amount of capital and desire to own themselves, then continuously develop and expand constantly, but not everyone is “thick” capital. So in the case of only 100 million, what should you do?

People who are already in business understand how important capital is. They spend everything they have, call for investment, raise capital from outside, but not everyone succeeds.

100 million should do what business?

Normally, when you need money to do business, most people will think of money from banks. However, to start a business, you will need to have a full plan, which clearly defines your vision: What products / services do you want to sell? How will you make money and grow? What are the risks and risks? etc. That will also be the roadmap for your business. If only 100 million, you can try that form of business Lonely share below:

Table of Contents:
1. Self-design, create products.
2. Laundry service.
3. Trading in home-made clean food.
4. Pet care service.
5. Nails services (manicure).
6. Open the YouTube channel.

1. Self-design, create products and sell online

100 million should business what 2020

If you have talent, extravagance and creativity, such as making jewelry, accessories, weaving, making dried flowers or making simple cosmetics (lipstick, dry soap, etc.), why are you don’t take your hobby and turn it into a business opportunity. Of course, to do that, you need to upgrade your product to a new level, at least in terms of design, then sell online online.

These “handmade” products require a small amount of capital, including only essential materials imported at prices not too high. You can start from:
+ Building business plan.
+ Making products.
+ Take pictures of the product (beautiful, clear, good lighting).
+ Create a simple, neat website and Facebook fanpage, post product photos with description.
+ Join the sales platforms like Shopee, Sendo, etc.

To interact with potential customers, you can implement both direct and online marketing methods. For example, you advertise on Facebook, Instagram, participate in trade fairs or exhibitions to promote the product yourself. In addition, the sales management software on Facebook Yes Single will assist you in order management, shipping, customer care (replying to messages, automatic commenting, etc.), thereby increasing interaction and opening. wide customer list.

Yes Application

2. Laundry service

What business with 100 million 2020

In urban environments, laundry services are extremely popular and the business is almost always good, even though shops are constantly opening. The reason this service developed is because everyone has a busy job or living conditions without a washing machine. Besides, the weather in Vietnam can change erratically with heavy rain or high humidity, leading to the bustling laundry shops.

To do business in this form, you need to consider renting a place (not need to be wide, maybe even combine to sell other products), equipped with washing machines, dryers, washing powder, conditioner and iron. The cost to maintain operation includes electricity and water to operate the washing machine.

3. Trading in home-made clean food

100 million should do to make a profit

With a capital of 100 million, you absolutely can start a business in the food sector. Many people are too busy at work, unable to prepare their own meals, while they also do not want to eat unhygienic food outside.

Therefore, you can sell simple, homemade food such as sausages, braised fish, etc., or a full home-made meal, with an emphasis on clean, good quality, delicious and raw ingredients. Ensure food safety.

You can sell food right on your personal Facebook or through GrabFood, Now, etc. Although the market is not too large, but surely food service will bring you loyal customers.

4. Pet care service

100 million capital business idea

If you love pets, this is probably a small business. For families with pets, sometimes they can’t take them everywhere (due to business schedules, home, travel, etc.), they need a place to send their pets on weekends or a few. day.

In the first phase, you can run this business on a small scale. You can hire or contract with many other employees as the work grows. What you need is a large, clean space, pet food (different types – or pet owners will have), toys (balls, cat litter, etc.).

5. Nails services (manicure)

100 million capital should invest what

Currently, nail services are very developed, in both urban and rural areas. However, if you want to be self-employed, you will have to invest in apprenticeship, or hire skilled workers. Equipment for nail salons is not too expensive, the cost is mainly location and labor. However, the profit of good nail shops is usually very high and stable.

6. Open the YouTube channel

What to do when you have 100 million

Opening a YouTube channel can be an option for many young people whose capital is not large. You can make instructional videos such as making simple objects, cooking, playing games, or sharing tips such as skin and hair care, even simply mukbang (let the audience follow Watch how you eat different foods.)

If your channel is popular and has many subcribes, you will be able to start making money online through it. The important thing when investing money into YouTube channel development is that you must have a high quality camcorder and mic for good sound quality.

If you want to be successful, the content you present must be interesting, a matter of many people’s interest. You also need to show your style (cute, funny, vivacious, funny, trustworthy). In addition, when developing a channel, you should regularly post videos with new content, not content swearing, violence, pornography.

Above are the things that you can consider and conduct business when you have 100 million, if the larger amount of about 1 billion, what business will you do, please refer to the article. There 1 billion should do business here.


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