11 Best Prezi Features to Create Impressive Presentations

Prezi is an all-in-one communication and collaboration toolkit, suitable for slideshow creation, graphic design or even social media posts. The software has features like Prezi Design, Prezi Video and Prezi Present to create impressive presentations.

In this article, Quantrimang.com will outline Prezi’s features to help you become a presentation master.

1. Enlarge the subject

Enlarge the subject

Prezi calls individual slide themes. So you can add multiple topics to increase the length of your presentation. Within each topic, you can add multiple sub-topics. You can control how a subtopic appears and moves within a slide by choosing different Subtopic layouts.

If you zoom in on a subject, the element opens as a new slide so you can make the necessary adjustments. You can also zoom in on sub-topics.

2. Move freely

Unlike other presentation creation software, you don’t have to go back and forth to review the previous slide during a presentation. All you need to do is zoom out to the maximum by scrolling up with the mouse wheel, then drag the canvas to define the subject you want to review. Now, zoom in again to open that slide.

3. Zoom Reveal Feature

In normal slideshow tools, all elements are visible on the slide, unless you apply a transition effect. It is a time consuming job. However, the feature Zoom Reveal of Prezi helps you to show important details as you continue the opening of the story.

Please add more subtopics within the main topics. By zooming in on the sub-topics, you can create a creative effect in opening up new events as you continue with the presentation.

4. Charts

You can use the tool Prezi Design to create informative charts and graphs. You can simply choose a pre-made infographic or chart type from the canvas and edit it to fit your needs. Moreover, you will find many pre-made formats like Reports, Dashboards, Email Headers, Posters, Social Posts, etc..

5. Element blocks

Prezi’s presentation builder looks like a modular tool. You’ve got everything you need in the menu Explorer on the right side. All you need to do is choose the one you like and place it on the canvas. In this app you don’t need to draw shapes from scratch.

You can right-click the canvas to bring up a menu where you’ll find element blocks for text, images, and themes. On the same menu, you will see the option to modify the background. Prezi has an image library of royalty-free images for you to use.

You can beautify your slideshow by applying custom colors to themes and sub-themes. Subtopic layouts allows you to customize how themes appear on the final presentation.

6. Media

The Prezi media library includes royalty-free photos, GIFs and stickers. When you click the option Insert image from the menu, the gallery will automatically appear on the right hand side.

You can drag and drop images or stickers onto the canvas and customize them by right-clicking on any media content. You can also upload your own media content or embed videos from other sources to play them directly in the slides.

7. Build your brand professionally

Branding is an essential part. Therefore, the branding must be simplified as much as possible. That’s where Prezi comes in handy. Word option Change colors, you can access the menu on the right to display multiple palettes.

Click the . icon Create new to define your own branded color scheme. When creating your second presentation, you can choose this personalized color palette to apply your branded design.

8. Slideshow on video

Slideshow on video
Slideshow on video

Regime Picture-in-picture making slide presentations based on video calls can get boring. However, when your slideshow and images appear on the same screen, it is more interesting.

You get a sophisticated presentation dashboard where you can adjust your slideshow and videos to maintain the flow of information. You can display gestures that are in perfect sync with a certain figure or chart appearing on the screen or moving away.

9. Offline presentations

If you need to present slides without a WiFi connection, you can do it on Prezi. For offline presentation purposes, there is a desktop application that you can download on your laptop.

You can also install the Prezi smartphone app on your Android or iOS mobile device. You can then download important presentations from your account while connected to the Internet. Now, sync mobile device with laptop using Start remote on mobile apps and offline presentations.

10. Presentation tools

Prezi offers smart tools to make presentations easy
Prezi offers smart tools to make presentations easy

Prezi offers smart tools to make presentations easy. It has various features for presentations like Presenter view, Live Prezi and Voice-over.

Presenter view shows you talking points, reminders, and notes while you present your slides. You can view this additional content on your device, but not your audience. Live Prezi Turn boring presentations into engaging live streams.

You can share a secure link in the target community so invitees can stream your presentation on their devices. Here, Voice-over helps you document the narration step-by-step.

11. Analyze presentation performance

Prezi has a sophisticated tool to give you an idea of ​​slideshow performance. Tools View Analytics helps you measure metrics like time spent, views, and shares. Here’s how slideshow analytics helps professionals in a variety of fields:

Teachers can find out if students are looking through the slides. They can also see which students are not viewing the slides.

A freelance designer can discover if the public likes a slide by analyzing views, shares, and total hours spent per viewer.

The features mentioned above of Prezi allow you to create and present slideshows in a way that pleases your viewers. You’ll be able to communicate your data to everyone in a diverse setting where video, content, and design work together.


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