12 couplets about good and meaningful teachers

Below are meaningful couplets about teachers, a meaningful gift that you can give them on the occasion of the approaching Vietnamese Teachers’ Day 20-11.

1. Most self-disciplined monk, semi-self-virtuous teacher

Meaning: One word is teacher, half word is also teacher. The proverb reminds each Vietnamese person to never forget the gratitude of those who have taught us good and right things, who have raised us to be human, even the smallest things in life. living.

2. Venerable Master

Up to now, Venerable Master’s respect for religion is still considered a good tradition of the Vietnamese nation. It teaches each of the people of Vietnam an eternal moral. That is respect, love our own teachers. This is also one of the morals of being a human, living in life must be grateful to those who have contributed to making us successful.

3. The river is deep, the length of the pole can be measured
Who knows the immensity of the ferryman?

Each verse has only 8 words, but it speaks to the immense and boundless hearts of respected teachers, who, for many years of dedication, dedication to the career of growing people, step by step tell How many generations of students landed on the shores of maturity and growth. A teacher’s heart is as immense as a parent’s love.

Like the verse:

“The sea is vast, not full of mother’s meaning.
The clouds in the sky do not cover the father.”

4. The gift of teaching is higher than the mountain
The meaning of teachers and students is like sea water

The gratitude that teachers have raised for students cannot be counted. The mountains are so high, so far away, there is no way to absorb that beautiful love. And more than that, the friendship between teachers and students is as full and immense as the ocean. No matter where you go, you will never forget your teacher. These two couplets have shown most fully the spirit of a traditional value of our nation, namely: Remembering the source when drinking water.

The gift of teaching is higher than the mountain

5. The old school is now just nostalgia
The dream of returning is always a shadow of the old master

The two verses are like the contemplation of a former student visiting his old school, walking on the empty schoolyard full of happy and sad memories of a time when he went to school, innocent and innocent. All of these are like short films that appear in every person’s mind when remembering that time, making us choked and moved. Then in each dream that remains, it is not only the silhouette of the playful friends, but also the image of the white head of the teacher who is passionately teaching.

6. The old class has many memories
The old school yard was full of dreams

Just like the 2 verses above, these 2 verses talk about nostalgia of the school days. Every moment of youth is about to overflow from the corner of my eye every time I visit my old class, old school. Reading 2 verses, surely many people find themselves in it, find themselves regretting a time gone by.

7. How noble is the profession of a teacher?
More glory than farming people

The two couplets have strongly affirmed the role and importance of the teaching profession – the most sacred and noble work of all professions. From there, we love, appreciate and respect those aunts and teachers who have taught us to be human.

What noble is the profession of a teacher?

8. Even if you spread your wings in all directions
Thank you teacher, the school friend does not fade

The two couplets are like a promise, a word to yourself as well as a reminder to all of us: Always remember that “No teacher can’t make it”, and no matter where you fly in the future, don’t Which one of us forgets the day’s gratitude that our teachers gave us!

9. Thank you for greening the intellectual garden
Meaning the teacher leads to the future

10. Teachers are like shimmering sunshine
You are the bright torch of my mind.

11. The gift of life’s upbringing should be gracious
The meaning of eternal grace is difficult to repay.

12. The gift of transmission is still there
The meaning of the one and only teacher is still here.

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