15 fun puzzles for kids about careers for kids

Here is a collection of good quizzes, quizzes about professions such as teachers, doctors, traffic police, soldiers … invite you to refer. Parents can use these career quizzes to play with their children and help them train their thinking and observation skills while having fun moments with them.

1. Who goes to class?
Working hard in the early afternoon
Teach everything
Let your child grow up?


2. Who measures the fabric?
Then cut again
New clothes, beautiful
By whose hand?


3. What profession is muddy?
Give me a grain of rice, warm and full every day?


4. What do you do with mortar and lime?
Building beautiful houses, all my friends need?

Builder profession

5. Who wears white
There is a beautiful cross
Inject our medicine
Will heal soon?


6. What profession takes care of patients?
Let us be healthy, have fun and study?


7. I wear yellow shirt
Standing at the crossroads
On every street
Only the driveway
What job is that?

Traffic policeman

8. What profession needs chisels and saws?
Make beds, cabinets… early afternoon baby need?


9. Hand holding broom
Hard work
Daily cleaning
The streets are clean
Who is?

Aunt and uncle of the sanitation worker

10. Who cooks well at school?
Give your child health, grow up every day?

The nurse

11. Who is in the border island?
Destroy the enemy, keep the country, disregard the danger?


12. What workers did the sea dry, the river was deep?

Answer: diver.

13. Dressed in blood
Ringing on the road
Courageous Urgent
Often dangerous?

Answer: Firefighters.

14. Black clothes and hats
Deep cellar, wide oven seasoned in May?

Answer: Miners

15. Who cooks well at school?
Let your child grow up healthy day by day?

Answer: The nurse

In addition to the above career quizzes, you can refer to more fun puzzles about objects, funny puzzles about animals, funny puzzles about trees… to have fun with your children.


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