15 steps to improve Laptop battery life

The average battery capacity of a laptop after full charge usually ranges from 1-2 hours. However, you can refer to 15 steps to help improve the following laptop battery life to increase the device’s performance.

Although your battery will sooner or later “go away”, proper care will make the laptop’s battery life longer, not be bottled and can be extended until the time you need to replace. a new Laptp because of other problems, you should check the laptop battery regularly for timely solutions.

Today, the number of laptop users is billions, and they are completely dependent on it for business purposes. The big problem with laptops like battery life will be a headache when many people don’t have time to charge the battery on a busy daily schedule. Therefore, today, Taimienphi will introduce to you a few tricks to increase battery backup and battery life. Let’s follow and share the article 15 steps to help improve the following Laptop battery life offline.

1. Adjust the light and dark settings

15 steps to help reduce the risk of laptop battery 2

The best way to reduce laptop battery consumption is to adjust the power settings used on your device. You can change the battery consumption settings, and you can also choose the best power saving options for your laptop, such as less brightness settings …

2. Use hibernation in the standby state

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When your laptop is in standby mode, it still keeps running at its power consumption, but when you put your computer into hibernation the power consumption will decrease significantly. So always choose hibernation instead of waiting.

3. Disconnect unused peripherals

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Any external device connected to your laptop consumes power such as mouse, USB, and printer peripherals. So it is better to remove all peripherals when you are not using them.

4. Optimize your CD / DVD drive

15 minutes to help reduce the battery life of laptops 5

If you are leaving a CD / DVD in the drive without the intention of using it. Remove them immediately from the drive, if possible, clean the disc tray as well. Because a continuous rotating drive can consume your battery power.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth on the computer

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Wifi and Bluetooth consume more power than you anticipated. When the device detects and uses an external signal for operation it will need and consume more power. So it is better to turn off all external sharing networks to increase your device’s battery backup.

6. Turn off applications and processes

15 minutes to help reduce the battery life of laptop 7

There are many processes and applications that automatically run on your computer when you turn it on. Apps and processes consume a lot of power when they run on ROM and effects on your battery, so it’s better to close apps from the manager by pressing a key combination. Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard and end unwanted processes.

7. Defragment the hard drive

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We always skip this step, but this will help you organize your data more efficiently, your hard drive works less to access the data we need. So a hard drive will work more efficiently when downloading data, which will definitely improve your laptop battery life.

8. Add more RAM

15 steps to help keep the laptop battery free 9

Good RAM quality will bring better machine performance and power management. Therefore, you need to have good Ram capacity to run the work on your computer.

9. Software updates

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Outdated laptop software is obsolete, which can affect the battery life of your device when they consume a lot of power in any process. So. So it’s better to keep your drivers and software up to date.

10. Check the temperature

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Check the temperature where you are using the computer, excessive heat will be harmful to the battery. Therefore, make sure the laptop is not exposed to direct sunlight or inside the vehicle.

11. Avoid overcharging

15 minutes to help reduce the battery life of laptops 12

By overcharging, your battery cells will soon be bloated and, of course, will greatly affect your battery life. Therefore, limiting to fully charge the battery, enough to use and withdraw at the right time will keep your battery life long.

12. Keep the battery pins clean

15 steps to help keep the laptop battery free 13

Contact points as well as the connection to the laptop’s power supply should be provided with good care needs or else it will greatly affect battery performance. So it is better to make them regularly clean.

13. Use the Troubleshooter to fix errors

15 minutes to help reduce the battery life of laptops 14

You can run the Windows Power troubleshooter to adjust your computer’s power settings. Check things like setting the computer timeout, determining how much time the computer waits before turning off the screen or entering sleep mode. Adjusting these settings can help you save power and extend your computer’s battery life.

14. Use MSConfig

15 minutes to help reduce the battery life of laptops 15

MSConfig is a system utility used to troubleshoot problems during Windows startup. It can disable or re-enable software, device drivers, and change Windows parameters and services at startup. You can avoid unnecessary programs to load at startup by simply blocking them.

15. Choose a better laptop

15 minutes to help reduce the battery life of laptops 16

Finally, when buying a laptop you have to choose a model with good configuration which means good capacity and battery life.

Above are all the steps that Taimienphi would like to introduce to you about how to improve Laptp battery life. You can easily increase your battery backup time by following all the steps and measures above. Hopefully this article is helpful for you, if you find it interesting, you can share with everyone these small tips. In addition, you can refer to how to clean the Laptop to be able to experience and manage your device in good working condition.



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