2 How to download and insert music into Capcut

2 How to download and insert music into Capcut

You are editing a video clip with the CapCut application, but the music on CapCut has a melody that does not match the video content you want to convey? At this point, you can add music, insert music or recordings from your phone into CapCut and create creative videos that express your own personality. Here are details on how to download and insert music into CapCut in detail, please refer to it.

Capcut is a video clip editing application on Android and IOS phones that is loved by many users, especially TikTokers, using Capcut to edit TikTok videos, you can download free music/songs available. on the app to use as background music for the video. Not only that, you can also download more music from external sources or extract voice from the recording file on your phone and insert it into the video Capcut.

The trick to add music to Capcut is available or from the computer

If you are using Capcut but confused about how to download and insert music into Capcut, here are detailed instructions for you.

Instructions for downloading and inserting music into Capcut

As mentioned above, you can download music to Capcut from the music and songs available on the app or download it from an external music source as you like. As follows:

Method 1: Add music to Capcut from the available library

It is very easy to add music available in the Capcut application to your videos. To add, at the video editing interface on the application, you just need to click on the box “add sound“, select the song you want to insert into the Capcut video and you’re done. Details of the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the Capcut app on your phone, press “new project“. If you do not have Capcut installed, you can download and install Capcut by following the link below.
– Load Capcuts for Android
– Load Capcuts for iPhone

Step 2: Select videop/image you want to add by Capcut, press “to add

music in capcut

Step 3: At the video editing interface on Capcut, click “sound“then select”your sound” to choose your favorite audio genre for your video (Rock, Travel, Vlog, Fresh, Healing or Warm). Also, you can also select “”recommended” to select suggested music files from the Capcut app.

How to insert music into Capcut

Step 4: Select the music/capcut song you want to insert into your video, then press the button “download” to download the appropriate music

Step 5: Once downloaded, the download button next to the track will change to a (+) sign. To continue, click on this sign to add music to the video on Capcut

insert sound into the Capcut app

Step 6: Add music video to Capcut successfully, you “drag to the right” to choose the best music suitable for the time of the video. If you do not like the music file just added, you can click on the music file, select “erase” and go back to step 3 to add your favorite music file.

How to insert music into capcut

Step 7: The process of adding music to the Capcut video is complete, you can continue to add effects on the video or take the next steps to complete the video editing on your Capcut.

Method 2: Download music into Capcut from another source

With audio files downloaded and stored on the device, you can upload music to Capcut according to the following instructions:

Step 1: Download your favorite music and save it on your phone.

Note: If you want to learn how to get music from zing mp3 into CapCut, in this step, you need to access Zing MP3, search for the song you want to insert, save it to your phone and then continue with the steps below.

Step 2: Follow the instructions in step 1 + Step 2 of item 1.
Step 3: At the video editing interface on Capcut, click “sound“then select”from the device
Step 4: The screen displays the audio files available on your device, press the (+) button to add the song/audio file to the Capcut video.

How to combine music on Capcut

Step 5: You continue to follow the instructions in step 6 + 7 of item 1 to finish adding music to Capcut video and continue to edit, add text, stickers, overlays, effects,…, to complete Improve your video editing.

Above are the details of 2 simple ways to download and insert music into Capcut that you can refer to and practice to add music to your Capcut video. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends on MXH Facebook, TikTok so they know more tips for editing videos on Capcut.

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