2-layer security gmail, enable 2-step verification in gmail

2 layer gmail security feature by phone number helps our mailbox more secure, when conducting gmail login, an activation code from Google is required to access, along with tracking how to activate. 2-step verification or 2-layer security gmail like.

Regime 2-layer security Gmail help you secure your Gmail mailbox, when activating this mode every time you log in, you need to verify through 2 steps to be able to access your account, to know how to activate security mode 2 class for Gmail, 2-step verification in gmail, please follow the article below.

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How to enable 2-layer security for Gmail

Step 1: You log in to Gmail, go to your gmail account, click on your account avatar then click My account

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Step 2: In the new interface that appears, click the item Login and security to set up security for your account

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Step 3: Click on it 2-step verification to set up 2 layer gmail security

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Step 4: In the next window will show and introduce about 2-step security. Press Begin

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Step 5: You will need to re-enter your account password in order for Gmail to verify that you are the owner of the account

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Step 6: Enter the phone number in the field Which number do you want to use?

In the section How do you want to get the code? There are 2 options for you to receive a verification code when you access your Gmail account the next time

Text message: Receive the code via a message sent to the phone
Phone call: Get the code via Google automated operator

Choosing one of the two options is up to you. Then click Next to go to the next step of setting up Gmail security.

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Step 7: Verify that the computer you are using is trustworthy in the next interface

Section Verify the phone number is active , immediately the service will send the phone number you entered in the previous step into a sequence, use this number to fill in the box. Insert code and verify phone number.

Finally hit next

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Step 8: Press On to complete the 2-layer protection activation process for Gmail

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Tips However, if you lose your phone or the phone does not receive a message containing a code from Google due to battery outage, damage, etc., then Google also provides a backup code. These 10 backup codes will be replaced for step 2 verification step (using 1 of these 10 codes randomly). Choose Show backup codes to see this code.

In the window Print backup verification codes will display your backup 10 codes, save it for your convenience

And here is the interface you have to verify 2 layers by entering the code sent to your phone to sign in to your Gmail account.

With 2-step security layer Gmail, you can feel secure when using this service, avoiding bad guys to log in to your account.

When you log in after activating 2-layer security on Gmail, you will be asked if the computer you are using is trustworthy, if the computer you are using is your only personal computer. You should choose Trust this computer Gmail will not ask you to enter a 2-step verification code on subsequent logins, but you will still need to enter the verification code on another computer.

Above, we have instructed you on the steps to enable 2-layer security in Gmail, so that your Gmail account will be absolutely protected, to prevent unauthorized access from other users. Also, you can refer change gmail phone number to use another phone number as a 2-step security or way block spam in Gmail, … to use Gmail effectively.

Signing up for gmail with a phone number makes it easy for users to create 2-layer security for their accounts, but if you don’t like using phone numbers to create gmail accounts, please refer to how Sign up for gmail without a phone number The verification that we have introduced, with gmail registration without this phone number, you can register more gmail accounts more easily.


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