20 million should do what business?

20 million should do what business?

20 million should do what business? In today’s market economy, business opportunities exist everywhere, even with only 20 million capital, you can still invest and profit. Naturally, business always involves risks. The number of businesses opening each year is extremely large, but the number of failures is more than that. Top causes often include poor product quality, lack of proper business planning, lack of marketing efforts, failure to keep up with changes in the market economy and lack of capital.

There are 20 million should do business is the question of many people, especially young people, who want to try their first way of doing business, So how do you do? successful business only with the capital 20 million? The answer is to choose the right field, scale of business, then develop a strategic and tactical plan, seek outside help as well as make use of available relationships and conditions. to start a business.

There are 20 million should business profitable 2020?

Table of Contents:
I. How to make a plan.
II. What should do business with 20 million ?.
1. Sell clothes online on Facebook.

2. Open a small stall.
3. Making accessories, crafts.
4. Photographic service.
5. Open the breakfast shop.
6. Opening a cafe.
7. Make up service.

I. How to build a business plan with 20 million

Without abundant capital, starting a business will face many difficulties. However, that also means you can reduce the risk of loss to a low level.

To start your business, you must first have the answer. Are there 20 million business? and then strategic planning. Perhaps everyone has heard of successful startup stories from very simple beginnings, from a field that few people are interested in, but obviously not everyone can do so.

In addition, in today’s competitive market, your business must combine with modern technology solutions to achieve the best performance. When planning a business with 20 million, you can consider using sales support software on Facebook YesSon to manage your fanpage and increase profits.

The first step you need to pay attention to 20 million business is to develop a thoughtful business plan to address important factors such as:
+ Business field (what products / services are provided?).
+ Store name (direct or online)
+ Are you the only owner or find more investors or partners?
+ Analyze the market, determine customer needs, competitors, barriers and the possibility of success.
+ Prepare a marketing strategy: How do you generate sales? Which media to use to promote their products or services?
+ Management: Can you manage your business and directly serve your customers? Do you need additional family support or outsourcing?
+ Payback: The most important thing you have to calculate is whether the business you choose can earn money and how long it takes you to payback, start to be profitable?

Yes Application

II. What should business with 20 million?

1. Sell clothes online on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network today with over 1 billion users, since then, the platform provides business opportunities for many people. With 20 million in capital, you can’t open a clothing store directly because of the cost of renting a place, designing space, etc., but you can still do business right on Facebook.

There are 20 million business names

Capital of 20 million businesses selling clothes online on Facebook?

Due to the small capital, you should sell only a few types of costumes, accessories. All you need to do is find the source, select, import, take a nice sample photo, post it right on your personal page or fanpage. You can also spend money to run ads, attract likes and interact, increasing your chances of turning potential customers into customers. Then use the service Yes Application to manage my orders.

2. Open a small stall

If your home is in a densely populated area, close to the road, think about your 20 million startup to invest this money in a stall selling vegetables, fruits or junk food. This type of stall operates simply, while not requiring too much capital.

There are 20 million business names

20 million should do what business? Open a small stall selling fruit or junk food?

If you don’t have a home-based store, you can still start selling at markets. Of course, at this time you will lose the cost of renting space and services to market management.

3. Making accessories, crafts sold online on Facebook

If you are a smart person, like small, cute things, you can try making accessories (earrings, bracelets, etc.) or crafts like artificial flowers, then posting photos and selling them on Facebook.

20 million should invest what

What should 20 million capital do? accessories, crafts?

The market for “exclusive” gifts, handmade ornaments following vintage trends is often very popular. The ingredients to make them are not expensive, it is important that you need ingenuity, sophistication, care and creativity.

4. Photographic service

If you have the talent, photography skills, often create beautiful family photos or events, you can start this service business for only 20 million. Invest in a good quality camera, starting with providing services to acquaintances, friends and gradually expanding.

How to do it with 20 million

20 million should do what business? Open photography service

Initially, you can only take portraits, outdoor scenes, events. Once you have a better foundation and income, you can upgrade your camera, take intensive training courses, and work on a variety of shooting styles so you can open the studio.

5. Open the breakfast shop

A simple breakfast shop, selling sandwiches, noodles, rice noodles, and porridge can also be a viable business idea for you. However, with the food field, you will need to carefully choose ingredients, ensure the quality, speciality and characteristics of the dish to make a difference and attract customers.

What to do with 20 million

Use 20 million fast food business

Besides, the restaurant business is often related to food hygiene and safety. You must pay close attention, not to cause food poisoning, because so, the trade will immediately fail.

6. Opening a cafe

startup with 20 million

Simple pub models such as iced tea, lemon tea, juice, etc. can also be conducted with small capital. However, at present, the pubs are sprouting up close, the competition is quite fierce. If you have a delicious and exclusive recipe, then you have the answer to the question of what 20 million should be in business.

7. Make up service (makeup)

20 million capital should do business

Business with 20 million capital by opening makeup, make up services

If you are a person with outstanding style, creativity, ability to make up variety, catch up with the trend, you can develop a hired makeup service for only 20 million. All you need to invest is the location, make up (lipstick, powder, etc.) and your skills.

Many people have a need for make-up to attend the event, or take photos. This service does not require much capital but can bring good income.

With 20 million, what should we do? We can start our own business from the smallest things, gradually we will start bigger businesses. 50 million or more, find out information There are 50 million should do business What.


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