200 million capital should do business?

What should I do if I have capital of VND 200 million to do? Many people will immediately think of sending 200 million to the bank and receive monthly interest. However, many others will risk investing in the long-term business to be able to challenge themselves and experience exciting emotions when doing business. If you are into business, please refer to the business ideas that we share below!

Having a capital of 200 million VND, what is the business question that many people ask now, opening cafes, gyms, barbershops … are possible jobs in this 200 million capital.

200 million capital should do business?

Table of Contents:
1. Open a coffee shop.
2. Making a blog, website.
3. Fitness center.
4. Open a food and beverage shop.
5. Fashion shop, accessories.
6. Hair shop.
7. Open the photo studio.
8. Open a laundry store.

1. Open a coffee shop

200 million should invest what business

200 million capital should business too coffee or not?

There are 200 million idle should do? Vietnamese people have a culture of meeting, drinking and chatting with relatives and friends in cozy places. Idea to open a coffee shop certainly not bad. Including the cost of renting, importing raw materials, decorating stores, staff, … it will not be up to 200 million. If you are not able to prepare drinks, you can learn to prepare or hire barista. In addition to investing in coffee and beverages, when your store is expanding, it’s a good idea to expand your business into food. “

Today, most cafes have fan pages on Facebook, and use this largest social network to advertise, market, attract more customers. With some effective fanpage management and sales tools such as Yes Don, your coffee shop business will be more efficient, thanks to a series of smart features that this software possesses.

Yes Application

2. Making a blog, website

200 million idle should do

200 million capital should build a website?

If you love writing and want to bring readers useful information, with 200 million in your hand, you can set up a blog / website to hire more employees to work together to advance the work. fastest and you will quickly profit. Invest in writing good content for your readers and promote your content. You can use different advertising channels like Facebook, Google adwords and even Instagram to promote your blog / website.

3. Fitness center

Business ideas with a capital of 200 million

200 million capital should do business? is it possible to open a fitness center?

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in their physique and health than ever before so the demand for fitness of people is also increasing rapidly. So opening a fitness center, a gym, or yoga is a business idea worth considering. With a capital of less than VND 200 million, what business is in your hands, you can rent a place, decorate the gym, advertise your center, buy the necessary equipment and many other things to attract customers. mine.

You can also conduct communication, marketing on Facebook and use the software Yes to manage the fanpage of the center. You can simplify the process of controlling existing customers, attracting more leads, arranging training / practice schedules, answering customer questions, etc.

4. Open a food and beverage shop

What to do to make a profit with 200 million

Capital 200 million should run restaurant business?

You are passionate about cooking, if you like eating something, you should open a restaurant because the investment cost is not too big. If you are a chef, you will save significant investment costs, or you can hire a chef immediately to bring a great experience for your customers. You also consider hiring more employees, decorating the store is eye-catching because customers will appreciate these things. In addition, today’s shipping service, food delivery is also very popular in Vietnam, so in addition to selling directly at the store, you should promote the online store and expand shipping services to have more customers. than.

5. Fashion shop, accessories

200 million business should what 2020

200 million capital should do business? Can I open a fashion shop?

If you are a fashion enthusiast, have a good taste and a good mix of style, why not think about getting rich with 200 million to open a fashion shop or fashion accessory? You can import goods from foreign countries to sell, design and produce fashion by yourself, rent premises or open your own store. If determined to open, you also need to regularly update new items, latest fashion trends. Opening a fashion store will make you a lot of profit because you can sell clothes online or sell them directly at the store.

Online fashion business, accessories are always a trend without signs of cooling off with a series of shops on Facebook. You just need to find attractive sources and create and maintain fanpage. Actions to reply to comments, automatically inbox, retrieve customer information, manage menus, etc. all can be done via the Yes application

6. Hair shop

The business is equivalent to VND 200 million

Should I open a hair shop with 200 million capital?

What to do to make a profit with 200 million? When you open a hair salon, you will not have to spend billions to invest. With the capital of 200 million or less, you will have the opportunity to own your own hair salon and unleash creativity and beauty for your customers. You also do not need any qualifications, just learn about hairdressing chemicals, hairstyling, … from a skilled hair expert and start creating your own way. Besides hairdressing, you can also provide skin, nail, and eyebrow services at your own hair salon.

7. Open the photo studio

What to do to make an error with 200 million

Can I open a camera shop at VND 200 million?

Taking photos is a trend that many young people love today and you should take advantage of this to be able to enrich yourself. You do not need to invest too much and first you just need to have passion for photography, have good photo and video editing techniques, especially proficient in Photoshop software. Card photography or wedding photography are all areas where you need little investment. Besides, invest in a photo camera and do business with your photo shop.

8. Open a laundry store

There are 200 million businesses

Capital 200 million should run a laundry business?

Laundry service would be an ideal business with a capital of 200 million which is ideal today when people are becoming more and more busy. With a laundry shop, you just need to invest in renting space, staff, washing machine, washing powder, washing water, maintenance costs … so the cost is not very expensive. You will quickly get a return on your investment.

With suggestions on business ideas Codon.vn Sharing in the above article, we hope that will be a useful reference for you when you want to do business with a capital of 200 million. However, there are still many other interesting areas and industries for you to invest in but before deciding to invest in any field, you should think carefully according to your interests and calculate carefully. It is not necessary to have enough 500 million to be able to do business, just having 100 million is enough, please refer to the article. There are 100 million should do business here. Good luck!


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