27 useful keyboard shortcuts on PaintTool WRONG

PaintTool SAI is a lightweight Japanese digital painting program and is popular with artists for its wide range of tools and simplicity of use.

With that said, keyboard shortcuts are essential for most artists, They make the workflow more efficient when drawing digitally.

If you want to learn more about the keyboard shortcuts in PaintTool SAI to make life easier, then continue reading the following article of Quantrimang.com!

PaintTool Shortcut WRONG

Shortcut keys Act
Ctrl + FEMALE Open a new canvas
Ctrl + O Open a saved canvas
Ctrl + WILL Save current canvas
Ctrl + Shift + WILL Save canvas as
Ctrl + W Close the current canvas (you will be asked if you want to save your progress)
Ctrl + Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + DRAW Paste
Ctrl + “+” Enlarge
Page Up Enlarge
Ctrl + “-” Zoom out
Page Down Zoom out
Home Shrink to fit the workspace. This shortcut will also straighten and unflip the canvas
Tab Turn toolboxes on and off
Ctrl + Tab Go to the open canvas on the right (if you have multiple open canvases)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Go to the open canvas on the left (if you have multiple open canvases)
Right click Select the color under the cursor
Ctrl + Alt + Drag Change the size of the tool you are using
Ctrl + Click a pixel + Drag Allows you to move all pixels in the layer containing the pixel you clicked on (unaffected by the current layer)
H Flip canvas (saved files are not copied)
Ctrl + A Select everything on the current layer
Ctrl + EASY Deselect everything on the current layer
EASY Delete all pixels in current layer
Shift + Left Mouse Draw a line between last click and new click
Delete Rotate canvas counterclockwise
End Rotate canvas clockwise
Spacebar + Alt + Left Click + Drag Rotate canvas

Remember that you can change the keyboard shortcuts of most tools in PaintTool SAI. All you have to do is double click the tool in the toolbox and window Custom Tool Property. Here you can change Shortcut Key to whatever you want, as well as rename the tool.

You can change the Shortcut Key to anything you want

You can also customize your shortcuts by clicking Help > Shortcut Keys.

Customize keyboard shortcuts
Customize keyboard shortcuts

In Shortcut Key Assignments, you can select the keys on the left and an appropriate action in the right column to change it.

Assign shortcut actions
Assign shortcut actions

PaintTool SAI is a simple digital program that gives you a lot of freedom. By getting familiar with its keyboard shortcuts, drawing in PaintTool SAI will be a lot easier. Use the default keyboard shortcuts that PaintTool SAI provides or your own custom keyboard shortcuts!


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