28 Windows 11 shortcuts you should know and should use often

Microsoft Windows 11 has officially been released to users. Windows 11 is equipped with a number of new keyboard shortcuts in addition to the familiar ones to help you work faster and more efficiently.

In this article, TipsMake.com will summarize 28 frequently used shortcuts on Windows 11.

Common keyboard shortcuts on Windows 11

Note: Key Win is the key with the Windows logo on your keyboard.

Order Shortcut keys Act
first Win + W Open Widgets
2 Win + A Open Quick Settings
3 Win + FEMALE Open Notification Center, Calendar (Notification Center)
4 Win + Z Open Snap layout (arrange screen)
5 Win + REMOVE Immediately move the cursor to the button that opens the system tray
6 Win + CLOUD Open Microsoft Teams
7 Win + EASY Quickly open the Desktop screen
8 Win + E Quick Open File Explorer
9 Win + F Quickly open Feedback Hub to give feedback and suggestions about Windows 11
ten Win + WOOD Open Xbox Game Bar with gamer-specific features
11 Win + Surname Open voice text editor
twelfth Win + I Quickly open Settings of Windows 11
13 Win + CZK Quickly open a window to connect multiple monitors, TVs, projectors…
14 Win + ERROR Quick lock screen
15 Win + CODE Minimize Windows windows
16 Win + P Open the multi-monitor setup window
17 Win + Q/WORRY Quickly open the search window
18 Win + CHEAP Quickly open the Run window
19 Win + BILLION Move between applications on the Taskbar
20 Win + DRAW Open clipboard history
21 Win + XD Quickly open the context menu of the Start button
22 Win + Space (spacebar) Quick change input method
23 Win + arrow buttons Included with the new screen layouts on Windows 11 is a new arrangement method. Win + →/↑/←/↓ button will correspond to the screen layout left/right/top left/top right/bottom left/bottom right/fullscreen/minimized/ the top half of the screen
24 Win + Tab Open Desktop view
25 Win + Ctrl + EASY Shortcut to create a new virtual desktop
26 Win + Prtscn Take a screenshot
27 Win + Shift + WILL Take professional screenshots
28 Win + Home Minimize the active window


  • Widgets are an evolved version of News & Interestings on Windows 10. It gives you news, weather, traffic, stock prices, and a few more that you can optionally install.
  • Quick settings (Quick settings) is a new tool that helps you quickly turn on / off connections, change volume, screen light…
  • Notification Center displays the notifications you receive with your calendar for your convenience to organize your work.
  • Snap layout is a new tool that makes it easy to position application windows on the screen when multitasking.

Are Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts usable on Windows 11?

Nearly all keyboard shortcuts on Windows 10 still work on Windows 11, so you don’t need to worry about having to learn keyboard shortcuts again. Besides, shortcuts on applications such as Word, Excel … still work normally on Windows 11.

Refer to more Windows keyboard shortcuts:

Windows 11 has now been released but is still not stable, you should consider carefully before installing and updating.


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