3 easiest ways to crop photos in Powerpoint

When inserting images into a PowerPoint presentation, many people often encounter the error that the image is too large, making the presentation no longer beautiful, so it is very necessary to crop the image in Powerpoint.

How to crop images in Powerpoint helps readers do not need to use image editing software when inserting images into their presentations. Use feature Crop images in Powerpoint so you can adjust the size you want and fit your submission.

Crop photos in Powerpoint quickly

The following article Taimienphi.vn guides on Powerpoint 2016 you can also apply to Powerpoint versions 2021, 2019, 2013, 2010.

Instructions on how to crop photos in Powerpoint very quickly

First, to crop images on Powerpoint, readers need to add photos in the presentation first. If you do not know how to add images in Powerpoint, readers can refer here.

Reference: How to add images in PowerPoint

1. How to crop images in Powerpoint with Crop

Step 1: Right click on the image you want to crop => Select Crop

cat english in powerpoint

Step 2: Now you can select the circles on the edge or in the corners and then drag to the area you want to cut.

cat english in powerpoint 2010

Result: You just need to press Enter or click to another area to complete the image cropping process in Powerpoint.

how to cat english in powerpoint 2016

2. Crop the image in Powerpoint according to the aspect ratio.

Step 1: On the toolbar select Format => Select Crop => Select Aspect Ratio then select the aspect ratio you want to crop.

how to cat shapes in powerpoint

Step 2: With aspect ratio 2:3 you will have a rectangle like in the image below. You can move the crop scale frame to the position you want to crop.

how to cat pictures in powerpoint

Image cropping results in Powerpoint by aspect ratio:

picture him in powerpoint

Or if you want to blur the background image in PowerPoint, readers can also refer to the instructions here and follow the steps..

See also: How to blur the background image in PowerPoint

3. Crop Powerpoint image to any shape

Step 1: In the toolbar select Insert => Select Shapes => Select the shape you want to create for the photo.

cat english in powerpoint 2019

Step 2: After creating the frame, you can adjust the size of the image shape by dragging and dropping from the round dots on the frame.

cat english in powerpoint 2021

Step 3: Click Drawing Tools =>Format. In group Shape Stylesclick on Shape Fill =>Picture and select the image you want to insert.

guide me through powerpoint

Step 4: Continue to choose Picture Tools => Select Format to crop images in Powerpoint

there is no practice

Step 5: Now you choose Crop => Select Fill or Fit to proceed with the image cropping.

+ Fill to fit the image to the height or width of the shape, in the larger dimension.

+Fit will size the image so that the image’s height or width, both of which fit the shape’s dimensions.

how to cat english in powerpoint

Above are 3 ways to crop images in Powerpoint so that readers can crop images and adjust the size easily without using 3rd party software.

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