3 free tools to open DMG files of Mac OS on Windows

3 free tools to open DMG files of Mac OS on Windows that you probably didn’t know. Discover Taimienphi.vn discover what these free DMG file openers are.

In previous articles, Taimienphi.vn introduced you how to open DMG files on Windows operating systems. It is using software to open DMG files quickly. However, this is just one of the software that supports you to open the .dmg image format of Mac OS only. This article will introduce you to 3 free tools to open DMG files on Windows.

After downloading and installing these tools, you just need to click on the .dmg image file to open the image right on the computer already.

3 free tools to open Mac OS DMG files on Windows:

1. DMG Extractor

Known to be the first tool to support reading .dmg files on Windows, DMG Extractor has specially designed to read this file fastest. Upgraded and developed, now DMG Extractor software can read .dmg files directly without having to convert to another format or encode.

The problem with DMG Extractor is that with the free version, you cannot open DMG files up to 4GB. However, this is not a concern for many users.

3 free software for dmg file

To extract a DMG file, click the Extract button and then choose a location to save

2. HFSExplorer

With HFSExplorer software you can also read .DMG files. However, to read DMG format image files, you need to install Java SE Runtime Environment 5.0 to run this software. HFSExplorer software does not support reading all DMG files, such as DMG UDF.

3 free software for dmg file

The highlight of this software is not limited in file size.

3. 7-Zip

The 7-Zip decompression tool that millions of users around the world use turns out to have another great feature of reading DMG files. In addition to supporting reading compressed file formats such as .rar or .zip, 7-Zip also supports opening .DMG files

3 free software for dmg file

Above are 3 great tools to support readers of Mac OS image format as DMG.

In addition, 7-Zip also has interesting features such as creating EXE files with 7-Zip to help users create files to run programs. How to create an exe file with 7-Zip has been guided by Taimienphi.vn in previous articles. Wish you use this feature successfully.


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