3 Step for quick file search on Windows 8

3 Step for quick file search on Windows 8

Windows 8 – an increasingly popular and used operating system. That popularity means the need to learn how to use Windows 8 or higher. In order for readers to understand and grasp the Windows 8 operating system. In the following article, Taimienphi.vn and you learn about how to search files on Windows 8.

If you’ve ever used Windows 7 from Microsoft, then you’re probably familiar with finding files on that operating system. Searching for files on Windows 8 is similar based on the principles of previous versions.

Instructions for quick file search on Windows 8

Step 1: Locate the search area. First you need to determine where the data you are looking for, on which drive, press the key combination simultaneously Windows + E To open File Explorer as shown below:

Step 2: Determine the search word, search file name, After identifying the search area (Here is cell E) you proceed to type the name of the file to search for item 2 as shown below.

Step 3: After typing the word to search, Windows will automatically search and filter data and produce results with the name containing the search word. You determine which file is clicked on, that’s it.

If you do not know which area to search for, open File Explorer and follow step 2, typing the name of the file to search into the Windows search field.

Finding files on Windows 8 is easy and straightforward with improved search, faster time, and higher accuracy so you don’t spend much time and effort to see. files I need anymore.


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