3 types of dishes, even if they are beautiful and cheap, should not be bought

Chopsticks are indispensable tools in everyone’s daily meals. Currently on the market there are many different types of dishes made from many different materials. However, there are some types of dishes that experts warn against buying and using because they can negatively affect the health of users.

1. Porcelain bowl with glaze color is too prominent

On the market, there are many bowls and plates with bright colors and patterns. However, the enamel colors in the bowl may contain heavy metal elements such as lead, which can contaminate food and affect our health if used for a long time. Therefore, when buying bowls, you should not choose dishes with too many colors.

2. Rugged bowl body, complicated motifs

  Rugged bowl body, complex motifs

The complex structure of the bowl not only makes it difficult to use and is also very difficult to clean, making it easy for bacteria to accumulate.

3. Poor quality porcelain bowls

Poor quality porcelain bowl

The porcelain bowl is made from poor quality melamine resin, has the advantage of being beautiful and cheap, but if used in hot water, it can release formaldehyde – a level 1 carcinogen.

How to choose safe dishes

  • Choose white bowls to avoid the risk of lead poisoning.
  • You should choose glass bowls and also limit the selection of colorful ones. During use, do not pour hot water because it may break.
  • When buying porcelain bowls, you should use chopsticks to knock on the mouth of the bowl to check the quality. If the bowl has a clear resonant sound, it means that the high-end bowl is heated to a high temperature and can be purchased. If there is bass, turbidity, it means that the product does not guarantee quality when fired.

To ensure health and safety, users should choose carefully to get beautiful dishes but still have good quality.


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