3 ways to draw mind maps with iMindMap effectively

Using a mind map that can help you plan what to do, prioritize important things first and have been shown to improve performance by up to 20%, this article Taimienphi.vn will introduce you to 3 ways to draw mind maps with iMindMap effectively

Over the past two decades we have seen technological advances, people can communicate and work with each other via email, Facebook, SMS, Twitter, … a variety of forms of “linking” other “links and information.

With such diverse resources, human productivity will have to increase. But it seems the results are not very satisfactory.

Draw a mind map using iMindMap software can help you plan what you need to do, prioritize important things first, and have been shown to improve performance by up to 20% – meaning users can do many different things in one day, under Here are 3 ways to draw mind maps with iMindMap effectively.

3 ways to draw mind maps with iMindMap effectively

Download iMindMap to your computer and install it here: Download iMindMap

1. Plan your daily

Just spend 5 minutes at the beginning of the day, and you can save a lot of time to solve work and trouble. Starting with Central Idea is a day and you go to the main branches for each task to be solved.

From these main branches, draw smaller branches, sub-branches that have specific tasks to be completed, and information such as names, deadlines, and time segments you spend on doing those tasks during the day. .

Good tip: You can reset the time for the map to be the day’s schedule, allowing you to track the progress of your work.

2. Observe the panorama

In addition to daily planning, you can draw mind maps with iMindMap effectively on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis to get an overview of the panorama and keep track of your projects.

3 ways to get back to your mind by using imindmap 2

Remember to stretch the mind map on any wall or location that you can see easily. With a mind map for a year that outline what you want to achieve in the year and you will receive an immediate reminder for the purpose you want to aim for.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your daily work, you can review the mind map to focus on the most important work and prioritize doing it first.

Good tip: Save the map as a template so you can use the map more quickly and conveniently in future plans.

3. Merge information

iMindMap allows users to group jobs or ideas in an infinite radiation structure, so users can look at photos to see clearly what they need to do. By using the keywords and simple hierarchy of mind maps, users can grasp the plan of a year on just one page.

3 ways to get back to your mind by using imindmap 3

In addition, users can add new ideas at any time without having to find a position to write more. With iMindMap, users never have to worry about running out of free space.

Good tip: Group things related to each task or project into a mind map, including spreadsheets, agendas, proposals, web pages or audio files, etc. Just drag and drop quickly into iMindMap. You can then quickly access all relevant information with a single mouse click.

With iMindMap you can organize your work in a scientific way and make the most of your time. Increase productivity by 20%, control your entire workload and never miss any important work.

Above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced to you 3 ways to draw mind maps with iMindMap effective. Please leave comments in the comments section below the article.

In addition to iMindMap, there are many other effective mind mapping software on the computer, including some names like Edraw Mind Map or Mindjet MindManager, please choose a good mind mapping software. The best way to support teaching and work.

If you do not want to use the software first heard the name, you can use the PowerPoint tool to draw the mind map, details of the steps you follow. Draw a mind map in PowerPoint here


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