3D Spirit Code

Are you looking for Code 3D Spirit, super action RPG on mobile? Then you have come to the right place, Taimienphi will guide you how to receive 3D Spirit Code and use the gift of NPH in the most effective way.

Not too restrictive, 3D Spirit allows players to immerse themselves in either male or female gender, build characters the way they like and explore the fantasy world, which is extinct on the basis of unique 3D graphics. .

Spirit 3D – Game MMORPG on mobile

How to get 3D Spirit Code

One of the best ways for players to own the 3D Spirit Code game is to participate in the events, below is the event list where you can receive gift codes from the NPH game.

Event 1: Vote App 5 * receives a Orange reward
– Reward
+ Giftcode includes 100 KC lock * 2, 1 million Gold * 1, Orange gifts of rank 5 * 1, Interesting Rose Book * 10 for all players when participating.
+ Giftcode will be sent via the message box on 11/16.
– Link to join: Events 1

Event 2: Download and receive GiftCode
– Reward:
+ 3D Spirit Code includes books to increase stars, gold and equipment to support players
+ Giftcode is limited so it will be given continuously until the end
– Link to join: Events 2

Event 3: Unlock S2
– Reward:
+ New Prime GiftCode worth 1 million
+ Giftcode will be sent by Admin via text box on November 17.
– Link to join: Events 3

Not only that, you access the Fanpage forum and 3D Spirit Group community to attend games, minigames to receive gifts from the organizers.
– Join the Fanpage forum to receive 3D Spirit Code here.
– Join the Group community to receive 3D Spirit Code here.

Instructions for using the 3D Spirit Code

Currently the game is in beta, gamers who own the 3D Spirit Code have not had a chance to use it yet, Taimienphi will update the latest information to readers about the GiftCode input method.

A new version of the Three Kingdoms game has just been released by Funtap in the Vietnamese market, interested players can receive Code Three Kingdoms Here, a lot of diamonds and skill books are enough for you to increase the fastest combat power.

Link to download 3D Spirit game

Not inferior to any other MMORPG, Spirit 3D role-playing game is full of the most attractive features and activities, you can hunt bosses, fight for resources to improve equipment or strength of yourself.

– Link to download Android version: 3D Spirit for Android
– Download link for iOS version: 3D Spirit for iPhone



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