4 actions users often use when using Ultraviewer

4 actions users often use when using Ultraviewer

UltraViewer is software that allows users to remotely control computers remotely like Teamviewer. There are many operations used for many different purposes in UltraViewer and the following article will list the 4 actions users using UltraViewer best do with this software.

Have you ever considered how the software is used by people or not, which features users are most interested in. With 4 user operations using Ultraviewer or do the following will show you which Ultraviewer users they are most interested in, or which features are used in Ultraviewer.

There are many features on Ultraviewer that users can explore, of course, the most basic feature is remote control with Ultraviewer, surely anyone who installs this software must use it. . So you have to wonder about the problem Control your PC remotely using Ultraviewer then the user has any more questions or not. Or do the features of Ultraviewer cause users to wonder during use? With 4 operations, the user uses the following Ultraviewer to indicate to readers

4 Operate the user using Ultraviewer

Control other computers on Ultraviewer

This is the most popular feature of users on Ultraviewer and of course the purpose we use Ultraviewer is to control other people’s computers on their computer. This is also a basic question that many readers or ask when they want to learn about how Ultraviewer software works.

To be able to control other people’s computers with Ultraviewer, users need to know the partner ID and password then fill it in. These 2 parameters are available side the left side of the software interface. And then click start control.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 2

So you can control the blood of others with a single step.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 3

How others control me

Similar to the section above, when you open the Ultraviewer software will appear Your ID section, password. Copy both parameters for the person who needs to control your computer so they can access it.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 4

Also you do not worry by Password constantly changing And also you can change the password length if you want or remove the password completely if it is close object or yourself.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 5

How to chat with each other in Ultraviewer?

In the process of controlling the computer with Ultraviewer, an operation that users use Ultraviewer is chit chat, by default this box is displayed in the right corner of the screen on both sides, but if not, press F1 or click on the Chat icon with the client.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 6

Stop for people controlling computers by Ultraviewer

To stop controlling computers from other computers with Ultraviewer, users only need to turn off Ultraviewer software go is done.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 7

And on the controller will report disconnection and wait for 60 seconds and then turn off or also turn off Ultraviewer software.

4 manipulate users when using ultraviewer 8

Above are 4 user actions to use Ultraviewer or do, you know all these features of Ultraviewer or not. Please refer and update yourself software knowledge from the articles of Taimienphi.vn offline.

Through the above article, you will find that using Ultraviewer is completely simple with all functions, Use Ultraviewer not inferior to Teamviewer and if possible try both software and compare.


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