4 questions to ask before buying a dishwasher

Dishwasher is a device that many people are interested in because it saves time and energy, helping to wash dishes clean and dry. However, before buying a machine, users should pay attention to some of the following issues to be able to choose a dishwasher that is suitable for economic conditions and achieves the best efficiency.

Which type to buy, what capacity?

On the market, there are many different types of dishwashers such as built-in, portable, table-top… Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the design of the kitchen, the size of the table, you can choose the right machine for your family.

The cheapest type of tabletop dishwasher, but with a small size, is not suitable for large families.

Built-in dishwashers have a drawer design with modern designs and features but have a high price.

Portable dishwashers are suitable for those who are renting because they are easy to move.

The size of the machine is extremely important and closely related to the space where the machine is placed. Therefore, you need to carefully measure the space before choosing.

In addition, the capacity of the dishwasher is equally important. Depending on the number of people in the family, the size of utensils, and eating habits, you can choose to buy a dishwasher of 6, 10, 12 or 16 sets.

What are the machine specifications and washing programs?

Dishwasher specifications such as speed, drying cycle, noise level, energy saving label, etc. are the core aspects you need to consider before buying.

If the bedroom is next to the kitchen and the dishwasher runs at night, the noise level is what you need to care about. Child safety locks are essential if you have small children at home.

Washing programs such as half-load washing, intensive cleaning… are also factors you should pay attention to.

In case your home has few people to eat, the number of bowls is small, the half-load washing mode will be very useful.

The intensive wash program is especially important for those who are lazy to clean the pot or rinse the dishes before putting it in the machine. This feature helps to remove food and dirt right in the first wash cycle to increase cleaning efficiency.

Does the machine dry dishes completely?

Modern, high-end machines now have a drying function, which helps the bowl to dry 100% as soon as the washing cycle ends. However, low-end dishwashers do not have this feature, so the dishes are not completely dry. After the washing cycle is finished, the user must open the door of the machine to let the bowl dry.

Self-cleaning function

The cleaning of the dishwasher is also very important, determining the durability of the machine. Some models have self-cleaning filters, while user models must clean manually.

In addition to the above questions, you can refer to the article “Should I buy a dishwasher? Is the dishwasher clean?” To know the pros and cons of this machine.


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