4 tips to help you type standard text and the fastest

4 tips to help you type standard text and the fastest

Typing text standard and fast is not difficult, so how to type text fast and accurately while your skills are not high?

Typing text is one of the essential skills that any computer user needs to spend time learning. But if you do not own the ability to type “10 fingers”, readers can refer to some of the following tips to achieve the fastest and most accurate typing speed.

Use the shortcut feature of Unikey

Unikey is one of the most popular Unicode Vietnamese typing programs in Vietnam for Vietnamese Unicode users. This free software allows you to type Vietnamese Unicode in Word documents, Excel documents and many other programs on all Windows operating systems.

However, there are many office computer users who know the useful shortcut feature of this free program.

If you are still using other Vietnamese typing software you should switch to using Unikey to experience this feature. Unikey completely free, compact capacity. Download the program Unikey

First you need to enable the shortcut feature by opening the Unikey program, selecting the tab Extend. Then tick Lets knock off section Abbreviation options. After selecting, press Closed for program to save changes.

Next, you start assigning acronyms by right-clicking on the V icon and selecting Compose keyboard shortcuts.

In the dialog box Macro Definition, enter the keywords to be assigned to the box Replace, the shortcut to the box By. For example, here you want to abbreviate the phrase “taimienphi.vn” by typing “tt” then you need to enter the word “tt” in the box Replace, and “taimienphi.vn” in the box By.

Enter your password Save for Unikey to perform shortcuts. One note is that the shortcut contains only unsigned letters or numbers. The shortcut sequences are case-sensitive

The usage is so simple but to get to the “super speed” speed, you need to remember a large number of abbreviations. However, this is not too difficult to do, readers only need to note the following points:

The first note is to assign shortcuts to common words in Vietnamese like “but, many, …” and commonly used phrases for work like “today, content, activities, development, production plan…”

Second, you should put abbreviations under 3 characters, and need to put these abbreviations similar to the characters that “old days” when practicing copy lecture you often apply.

For example, assign “tt” to “taimienphi.vn”, “vn” for “Vietnam”, “pm” for “software”, “pt” for “development”, “ns” for “productivity”, ” nd “for” content “…

* Stop knocking off:

Another note is that if you want to pause the shortcut without having to exit Unikey, you press the Pause / Break key. In case you want to type a space after the abbreviation phrase “vn” but do not want “vn” to be changed to “Vietnam”, you can hold the SHIFT key before typing Space (space bar).

* Edit shortcut table:

To edit the shortcut, you also open the item Compose keyboard shortcuts, select the word you want to edit, in the alternative box enter new keyword, then press Repair, the end you also choose Save to close the dialog box.

* Delete an acronym:

And to delete an acronym you do the same as when editing: select the word to remove and then press Delete, press Save for Unikey to execute the command.

Disable touchpad on laptop

The touchpad (touchpad) on laptops sometimes makes users feel uncomfortable because with just a little touch, the cursor is moved, causing the typed characters to change position. The text will last longer with corrections of misspelled words.

Some laptops have a switch (or use the function key) on / off for the touchpad, by pressing 2 keys simultaneously Fn and F7 (Note that different laptops will have different function keys, you can try each function key if you don’t know)

Once installed and started, the Touchpad Blocker interface appears quite simple. On top of that there are 4 options available which are marked as Automatically run program on startup (automatically activate Touchpad Blocker when Windows starts), Block accidental taps and clicks (lock Toudpad when detecting fast continuous typing speed) in some time, in milliseconds – milliseconds. The default is 300 milliseconds). After setting, press X button (Close) to close the program window.

Always keep the keyboard clean

The keyboard is a daily contact and is easy to get dirty due to the environment or eating habits of the user. The material sticks to the surface of the key or gets into the gap between the keys, causing a keyboard jerk or even damaging the device.

Computer keyboards also often suffer from dirt and fingerprints because this is one of the devices most office users touch in daily life.

This is also one of the main causes leading to a decrease in typing speed or even a device that mistakenly recognizes characters.

Regular cleaning of the keyboard will help improve efficiency.

To clean the computer keyboard, the easiest and quickest way is to turn the device upside down and shake vigorously for dust to fall out. You can also use a broom (usually comes with a laptop kit) to clean the keyboard, then take a cotton swab or cotton ball, a soft cloth moistened with alcohol 90, and wipe it on the surface of the keyboard and between the gaps, Alcohol is a very effective cleaning agent.

For small dusty debris that does not sweep with a brush, you can use a small toothpick to remove those stubborn dust particles before wiping it with a towel or alcohol wipes.

Practice practicing typing

There are quite a lot of software supporting practice typing 10 fingers such as TypingMaster Pro, this is quite good software, used by many users and appreciated. However, for beginners to practice typing with 10 fingers, you need to pay attention to manipulation, skills to type 10 fingers will be more effective, About this skill also introduced by the author in the article Quick 10-finger typing technique Previous success, readers may refer.


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