4D dinosaur photo set

The full set of 4D dinosaurs photos sold on octagonedu.com for $ 15 gives users the experience of living in prehistoric times – a period when dinosaurs were alive and not yet extinct. Users only need to coordinate Dinosaur 4D + application with the card set or photo collection in this article to get 4D images as lifelike in front of users.

4D dinosaur photo set Or Dinosaur 4D + books will be a great gift for children from 3 to 10 years old to have realistic, beautiful experiences about the dinosaur world in ancient times. Using the Dinosaur 4D + application to project on the 4D dinosaur card set, the children will see firsthand the dinosaurs on the move, will learn more useful and interesting knowledge … and even adults will There are moments of exciting experience when used.

4D virtual reality photo gallery

If Animal 4D + allow babies to observe and interact with many animals through motions and sounds, and How to use Animal 4D + It’s quite simple, with Dinosaur 4D + also the way is to project the camera on the image to display, but the kids will easily rotate, zoom in, zoom out or move their mobile device to observe 360 ​​degrees of the limbs. secretion of dinosaurs is easy.

How to use Dinosaur 4D + application on phones

– Download Dinosaur 4D + for Android here.
– Download Dinosaur 4D + for iPhone here.

Dinosaur 4D + application supports and is compatible with most mobile devices using Android and iOS operating systems.

Step 1: Download the app from the link above to install it on your phone or tablet. You can also use the keyword “Dinosaur 4D +“to download the app on Google Play for Android devices or the App store for iOS devices.

Step 2: Open the application after the installation is completed. You need to activate by scanning the QR code provided with the instruction card for use when buying.

Step 3: Make the card with dinosaur images in front of the camera of the mobile device -> immediately appear 4D image of the dinosaur corresponding to the dinosaur image on the card. When shown like this, babies can interact with dinosaurs by touching the screen of mobile devices, and can play and play with them. Users can also capture dinosaur images quite simply and quickly.

You can View 4D dinosaur photos on your phone Details as instructed here.

4D dinosaur photo set

Currently, the full set of 4D dinosaur photos will have 21 cards, corresponding to 21 different dinosaurs. In each card will be an image with the English name of each species with a brief description of their origin, hunting …

Here are some free 4D dinosaur images, you just need to open the app Dinosaur 4D + on mobile devices, then scan the images below to experience it.

Photo frame of three frame tricerratops

Photo of 3-horned rhino dinosaur Tricerratops

He frames the ankylosaurus

Photo Dinosaur mace Ankylosaurus

He frames the dragon kronosaurus

Photo Dinosaur under water Kronosaurus

Photo frame 3 sung pentaceratops

Photo Dinosaur 3 horns Pentaceratops

With 4D dinosaur photo set The above, combined with Dinosaur 4D + application, surely children will have the most realistic view of prehistoric dinosaurs. If you do not have the conditions or have not arranged to buy a full set of cards, you can use some of the 4D dinosaur images we introduce above are enough for you and your children to experience viewing dinosaur photos. 4D on the phone already, in addition, there are many other 4D animal images that you can download and show your children.


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