4D universe photo set

4D universe photo set

Using the Space 4D + application and the set of 4D cosmic images below will help you experience a true-looking cosmic space projection, which will also be a meaningful gift for the kids on the upcoming 1/6.

Recently, the use of mobile applications for projection and images has made the appearance of multi-dimensional images become hot and popular by many users. Users can view animal photos on the phone with Animal 4D + app or view 4D dinosaurs on mobile devices with Dinosaur 4D + … and especially the app Space 4D + combined 4D universe photo set to see the 4D universe on mobile.

Collection of 4D virtual reality images

Below, Taimienphi.vn will show you how to use the Space 4D + application with a few “leaked” images in the 4D virtual reality photo collection for users to experience before buying the full set of cards have more quality pictures.

How to use Space 4D +

In order to view 4D cosmic photos on any phone or mobile device using Android or iOS operating systems, users need to install this application on mobile devices to use.

– Download Space 4D + for Android here.
– Download Space 4D + for iPhone here.

Next, you open the application Space 4D + just installed, you perform a few small operations according to the instructions of the software to set up Audio, Video … that can be used always.

Then, you open the card saved on another mobile device -> you place it horizontally under the table for example -> then point the camera of a mobile device that has just installed the application Space 4D + projecting on it -> immediately a 4D floating image of the relevant image will appear.

You can rotate the device, enlarge or reduce the projection to experience. Users can also manipulate the image capture in space projection if the user wants.

– See how details 4D cinema projection on the phone here.

Some photos in the 4D universe

Here are some free photos in the 4D universe collection collected by Taimienphi.vn sent to readers. If you have the conditions or to buy as gifts on the occasion of upcoming 1/6 children’s day for the kids will be a meaningful gift you should do. The price of this universe photo card set on Octagon.com is sold for $ 15, which is more than 300 thousand Vietnamese dong.

4D cosmic photo Luna Rover on space.

Anh vu tru 4d hinh luna rover on space

4D cosmic photo Earth

Anh vu tru 4d picture dat dat

Photo of 4D space satellite images Vostok 1

Anh vu tru 4d pictures vostok pictures 1

Cosmic photo 4D rocket image Soyuz Mission

Anh vu tru 4d picture anh lua soyuz mission

Photo of 4D solar system Solar System

Anh vu tru 4d he mat in solar system

Use 4D universe photo set Combined with Space 4D + application introduced by Taimienphi.vn in this article, your children will definitely enjoy and love it. Although there are only a few demo images, it is enough for you to experience before deciding to buy the full set of cards for your baby.

Currently viewing 4D animal images on phones is very HOT, moms, please download the 4D animal images and images for your children to watch and learn from.


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