5 best online HTML editors for programmers

5 best online HTML editors for programmers

If you just want to fine-tune a small piece of HTML at will, the online HTML editor will help you do this better. Here Taimienphi.vn will list for you the list of 5 best online HTML editors for programmers.

The best advantage of submission Online HTML editor is running directly on your browser. The web browser is the best tool for handling and displaying HTML code.

That is, your web browser is equipped with the best HTML preview in real time. When writing a web markup in a standalone editor like Notepad or TextEdit, you must save the changes on the file, then upload the file to your web browser and review it, then switch back to the editor to add the changes. Exchange and repeat, the process takes a long time.

5 best online HTML editor for programmers 2

The online HTML editor can automatically refresh as you write and change markup. No need to switch back and forth between windows. Just tweak the HTML on one side of the window and the changes will automatically save in the other window.

With the 5 best online HTML editors for programmers below you can access the web editing window anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection. Plus you don’t need to install and edit any HTML editor.

5 best online HTML editors for programmers

1. Codepen

Codepen is considered a “social networking development environment” for web developers. The editor is quite simple: includes a control panel for HTML, a control panel for CSS and a control panel for JavaScript, plus a control panel for real-time preview. To resize the panel simply drag the edges around.

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You can create buttons Pens to refine the web’s code. Many Pens grouped into Collections. Private Pen and Collections require a Pro account, which costs $ 9 / month, along with other features like asset hosting, real-time collaboration, and CodePen IDE access.

Visit the Codepen homepage HERE

2. JSFiddle

With JSFiddle You can edit the HTML and CSS interface. The advantage of JSFiddle is that you can add External Request to the sidebar, allowing you to add external JavaScript and CSS files to improve HTML.

5 best HTML file editor for programmers 4

In addition, the Tidy button automatically cleans up the draft code and the Collaborate button allows you to work on the same code with other users in real time. The biggest downside is that you have to click the Run button to update the preview panel.

Visit the JSFiddle homepage HERE

3. JSBin

JSBin is an alternative to JSFiddle. You can edit any combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by switching the tables in the top corner of the toolbar and switching the preview panel.

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Although JSBin is a free HTML editor, does not require an account, but you need a Pro account if you want personal trash, custom attachments, content storage, syncing Dropbox and URLs. Nonsense for pages published via JSBin.

Visit the JSBin homepage HERE

4. Liveweave

Similar to the editor above, Liveweave Own user-friendly interface. Like JSFiddle, Liveweave enables real-time collaboration, and like JSBin, the editor allows you to link predefined third-party resources like jQuery.

The Lorem Ipsum generator creates text right at your current cursor position. CSS Explorer provides the WYSIWYG tool to create CSS styles. Color Explorer lets you choose the perfect colors for your theme. Vector Editor allows you to create vector graphics for web pages.

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Visit the Liveweave homepage HERE

5. HTMLhouse

If you are looking for the best online HTML editor for programmers who do not support CSS or JavaScript languages, HTMLhouse would be a great choice for you. The outstanding feature of HTMLhouse is the ability to publish HTML and share it privately or publicly.

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Visit HTMLHouse homepage HERE

Above is a list of 5 best online HTML editors for programmers. If you know more online HTML editors, share your editor for Taimienphi.vn.

If you are using Mac or Linux operating system and you are looking for a best writing and programming tool, you can refer to 3 best code editors for Mac and Linux Taimienphi.vn has listed for you. Good luck !


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