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5 best screen capture software 2020


Taking a screenshot is one of those things that you don’t mind until you have to use it. Both smartphones and computers have basic screen capture tools built-in, with some users just enough, but if you’re asking for more advanced features it’s time to look for a Dedicated screen capture software.

The 5 best software to keep your screen up

5 best screen capture software 2020

Some photography software allows you to capture an entire web page, while others focus on automatic capture or image editing. Other bundled features include a timer, screen recorder and webcam, integration with other software or online services, and a number of other options designed to aid the process of capturing images effectively. than. Refer to the 5 best photography software 2020 below to choose a tool that best meets your requirements.

1. Snagit – The most professional screen capture software

The 5 best software to keep your screen up

– Download Snagit

Snagit has long been the gold standard in screenshots, and has always been a favorite among business customers thanks to its powerful and easy-to-use features. Snagit has a Mac & Windows version, a small control panel at the top of the screen that allows you to start taking pictures or change settings, and you can use the PrtScr shortcut or another optional hotkey. .

Snagit’s up to 60-second timer makes it easier to use menus and tools in photos, the cropping tool itself has advanced features such as setting the aspect ratio (screen) and scrolling around selected region to assist in accurately capturing the portion of the screen you need.

Snagit supports multiple ways to share photos, including storage on cloud services and integration directly into Microsoft Office software. Although the price is higher than similar software, if you regularly take photos and videos to share, especially in a business environment, Snagit is a good investment.

2. Fireshot – Best website photography software

The 5 best software to keep your screen up

– Download Fireshot

Taking a quick screenshot of when everything fits snugly in the frame is very easy, but what if everything you want to capture is not in one screen, such as web pages? Fireshot will assist you to take screenshots of arbitrary webpage numbers as required.

Operating on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and other browsers, Fireshot allows you to edit and annotate and capture web pages, save images in PDF format or other image files, share photos via email. , cloud (Google Drive or Dropbox) and tools like Evernote. Most users only need to use the free Lite or Standard version of Fireshot, but more advanced features are only available in the Pro version that requires payment to use.

3. Screenshot Captor – The most flexible screen capture software

The 5 best software to keep your screen up

– Download Screenshot Captor

Taking full-screen photos or part of the screen is a transfer, but what about capturing content from a webcam or any scrollable window? Screenshot Captor is one of the very few applications that can take screenshots of a webcam and more.

Screenshot Captor supports you to automate a few steps in the photography process, including creating file names, uploading images to storage services … This feature is especially useful in case you need to take a lot of photos. Image in a row – just a few steps to install, Screenshot Captor will help you do everything.

Screenshot Captor is located on the taskbar (taskbar) when not in use, you can turn on the application via the hotkey or click the icon. Screenshot Captor integrates image caption and image editing tools, along with some additional features such as inserting watermark on the image, highlighting the username and password in the image.

4. ShareX – Best automatic screen capture software

The 5 best software to keep your screen up

– Download ShareX

ShareX is free, open-source software that runs on Windows computers, with all the useful tools under a relatively cluttered interface. ShareX offers a variety of shooting techniques, including screen selection, windows, and a specific screen area with rich shapes, helping you to accurately capture the screen area you need. Image editing and annotation tools allow cropping, creating pixel images, inserting text, images and many other elements into the image.

The automation features of ShareX are particularly powerful, allowing you to do everything from copying, uploading and adding watermark on photos to sharing photos for over 30 different storage services, then shorten and share the link

5. Screenpresso – The best OCR screen capture software

The 5 best software to keep your screen up

– Download Screenpresso here.

There are not many screen capture tools that integrate optical character recognition (OCR) technology like Screenpresso Pro. The app helps you analyze captured images to find words and letters and convert them to an editable text format.

Screenpresso Pro works on Windows operating systems, including many other useful features such as still photography and video recording from both the screen and content recorded via webcam. In addition, the application also supports connecting an Android device to the computer and returning to what is happening on the mobile device.

Screenpresso integrates photo editing tools, supports inserting effects and watermark into images as well as conducting other standard editing operations. It also has a video editing tool, but only very basic features. Once completed, save and share your photos / videos on various platforms, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and social media channels.
With Windows 10 operating system is quite new, maybe many of you do not know how to take screenshots of Windows 10 to save screenshots as needed, you can see specific Win 10 screenshot instructions and details on Taimienphi .VN.



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