5 harmful effects of too much sleep, premature aging, physical and mental fatigue…

Humans spend about a third of their lives sleeping. For adults, adequate and appropriate sleep time is 7-9 hours per day. However, today there are many people who sleep more than that number without knowing that sleeping a lot can make you old before your age, physically and mentally tired.

Here are the harmful effects of too much sleep, please refer.

1. Premature aging

Sleep is essential to help people recover biologically, but too much sleep causes serious consequences for mental and physical health.

A 2014 study showed that people who sleep too much will make their skin and brain age faster. On average, a person who gets too much sleep is about 2 years older than someone who gets enough sleep.

Another study of 15,000 women aged 70 years and older found that those who slept more than nine hours a day or less than five hours a day had worse brain function than those who slept seven hours.

In addition, people who sleep too little or too much are also more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and cause memory problems than people who get enough sleep.

2. Exhaustion

Sleeping a lot will make you tired, feeling foggy, unable to concentrate. In addition, staying in bed too little or too much can also make back pain worse.

3. Headache

One of the common signs of too much sleep is headaches, tension caused by mis-excited neurotransmitters. In particular, the possibility of headaches will increase for people who snore.

4. Risk of depression, Alzheimer’s

Sleep psychologist Michelle Drerup says that oversleeping is a symptom in 15 percent of people with depression.

Many studies have shown that sleeping 9-11 hours a day can increase blood sugar levels, increase the risk of developing heart disease by 28%, and increase the risk of dying from heart complications by 34%.

A lot of sleep, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and weight gain, increases the risk of type II diabetes.

5. Irritability

Research by the National Sleep Association shows that you often have mood swings and irritability if you sleep too much.

In addition to sleeping a lot, sleeping late is also not good for health, please read more details in the article “What are the harms of sleeping late, staying up late?”.


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