5 reasons to stop using Email Client for Desktop

Email Client applications for Desktop are increasingly popular but with many limitations. In the following article, Taimienphi.vn will show you 5 reasons why you should stop using Email Client for Desktop.

To read email on your computer, you can use the application Email Client web-based or alternatively use an email client for desktop.

Both web email and desktop email clients have different advantages and disadvantages. However, basically web-based email client is still better than desktop email client options.

Here are 5 reasons why you should stop using Email Client for Desktop.

5 reasons to stop using Email Client for Desktop

1. Mobility

If you use a web-based email client, you can experience the same experience every time you log in to your account, regardless of the device you use or the login location.

Conversely, if you use an email client for your desktop, if you need to access your email every time you use it on another computer, you’ll have to switch to an online email application. This may affect user experience. The options are not in the same place, the list of application features will be slightly different and the email formatting tools may not be the same. Invisible general makes users spend more time and work performance lower.

2. Security issues

If you share a computer with other users or family members and unfortunately they surf through the email application, they can see the content of emails in your account, so exit gmail when you’re done using .

Of course, some desktop email client applications provide password protection options and other similar security tools, but there’s nothing to ensure your emails are safe.

3. Multiple computers = multiple settings

If you use multiple computers, you will have to set up the email client for your desktop multiple times, including setting lists, filters, signatures and other general settings, which generally takes a lot of time. time.

4. Many different operating systems

Similarly, if you use many different operating systems, finding and installing email client applications for desktops suitable for operating systems also takes a lot of time.

For example, Mailbird is considered one of the leading email client applications for Windows 10, but the application does not have a Mac version. In contrast, Spark has long been considered one of the best email client applications for Mac but there is no version available for Windows.

Also, if you are using Chrome OS, you have no other option other than to use the web-based emal client application.

5. Spam

Many email client applications cannot handle spam and spam thoroughly and effectively. Basically users can mark a spam as an in-app spam, but it is highly likely that the spammer’s email address is not synchronized with the email provider’s spam list. If the sender continues to send emails the next time, the message will still show up in the user’s inbox.

5 reasons why should not use email client for desktop 2

Except if the email provider and the email application developer are the same. For example, if you mark spam and spam on the Mail app on Windows 10, it will sync with the block list above Outlook / Hotmail / Live.

Above are 5 reasons why stop using Email Client for Desktop. Hopefully the article above has provided you with useful information and knowledge. Also if there are any questions or questions that need answers as there are ways Secure Email security Which ?, readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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