5 ways to check Viettel postpaid charges so as not to lose money

Checking Viettel postpaid charges will help you understand the monthly spending of subscribers, avoid incurring unknown causes. From there, users can send petitions to Viettel switchboard when they see doubts about Viettel postpaid charges. The following article will guide you on how to check Viettel postpaid charges.

1. Check Viettel postpaid charges by text message

Customers can make a text message on their phone to look up, with simple syntax TRA CUOC send 195 or TBC send 195.

After the message is sent successfully, the system will send information about the fee owed and the incurred fee that has been temporarily calculated. In there:

  • Debt is the consumption charge in the previous month that you have not paid in full.
  • The arising fee is temporarily calculated as the consumption cost in this month from the beginning of the month to the time you look up.

2. Look up Viettel postpaid charges via switchboard 199

To look up Viettel’s postpaid charges quickly, you just need to call the Viettel switchboard at 199. Then you proceed in turn according to the following instructions:

  • Press the number 1 key to use Vietnamese.
  • Select the number 1 key again when you want to hear information about the total unpaid freight.
  • Select the number 2 key to hear information about the total usage charge in the previous month.

Note, we are completely free of charge 100% of call charges to 199 switchboard for Viettel subscribers.

3. Check Viettel postpaid charges at website

Subscribers can quickly access Viettel’s website by following the link below and then log in to their account with their current postpaid phone number.


In the right corner of the menu, select the item Manage your account > Navigate to the charge management section > Check charges.

Now enter the time you want to check the usage fee. Then the system will ask you to enter the verification code just sent to the phone on the website.

Finally, press the Lookup button so that the system sends detailed information about the consumption history and the time of charge generation that the user wants to check.

Look up postpaid Viettel charges on the website

4. Look up My Viettel postpaid subscribers

My Viettel application will be much more convenient when detailed information is clear to customers about their subscribers, including support to look up consumer charges for Viettel postpaid subscribers.

You open the My Viettel application and enter your account number, or register for a My Viettel account according to the link below.

Then in the interface of our application Click on Billing and choose the time to look up according to your needs. The system will then send you details of the expenditures that you have consumed in the requested time period.

5. Check Viettel postpaid charges with Hybrid

With Hybrid, customers can fully manage the charges incurred in addition to the monthly postpaid promotional package incentives. Especially for subscribers who find it difficult to control their monthly telecommunications spending and often incur consumption charges outside of the registered package.

Check it out and check it out later

  • To Hybrid registration, you can contact the operator 1800 8168 for assistance. In the process of using Hybrid, you can call 198 for advice and answer questions.
  • If you want to check your voice/SMS/data traffic, the subscriber can compose a message KTLL to send 195.

Currently, Hybrid is only experimenting for new development postpaid subscribers (Postpaid Switching / New roaming / Switching network keeping numbers) in the western provinces: Bac Lieu, Ben Tre, Ca Mau, Can Tho , Dong Thap, An Giang, Kien Giang, Tien Giang, Hau Giang, Soc Trang, Long An, Tra Vinh, Vinh Long.


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