5 ways to increase internet speed when using VPN

5 ways to increase internet speed when using VPN

VPN is a technology that allows you to share information with computers quickly but still ensure the security as well as the secure connection between the giving and receiving devices, but it also comes with features. Security will make your internet speed decrease and 5 ways to increase internet speed when using VPN will help you overcome the above disadvantages.

VPN It is no longer a strange concept to users because it helps you establish an exchange network, share files as well as information between two or more people on the same VPN system. Even on Windows it supports VPNs in case of need. Job Create Cilent VPN using Windows7, 8 or 10 It is no longer something new for readers of Taimienphi.vn and the way Create VPN Client using Windows 7 As easy as it is today will get you a lot of work.

With all of the above advantages, why not use a VPN, saying that, but VPN also has many weaknesses. One of them is that the VPNs created are usually not top-notch or long-lasting. There are also too many bad quality VPNs that affect users. However, in return, there are many good VPN support software Steganos Online Shield VPN, one of the VPN support software for users to help access restricted sites or sites that could harm your computer safely. And no matter what software you use, you cannot ignore 5 ways to increase internet speed when using the following VPN.

5 ways to speed up internet when using VPN, speed up network when using VPN

Do not use too many security layers.

One of the ways to speed up the internet when using a VPN is to restrict the security layers in the VPN. Surely you also know VPN is famous for Multi-layer encryption of sent files , but this means that the recipient must also decode the file during the reception, which inadvertently affects your network speed. In addition, the above protocol also affects the network speed. With familiar connections, encrypting files when transferring is not necessary and you should discard them.

Select another server

If you use software such as Steganos Online Shield VPN, the choice of Server is very important, it simply affects your access speed when all data is transferred via VPN then transferred to you, with The low quality servers will take time in the process and then you need to find a VPN closer to you, usually Singapore.

5 ways to increase internet productivity when using vpn 2

Set up a VPN on your own device instead of Router

VPN users can set up a VPN on their routers and modems when they need a VPN but why not set up right on your mobile devices. As mentioned in the first section, we discuss how CPU power affects encryption levels and routers, The modem will not have enough “configuration” to handle encrypted files if large numbers at the same time. This asexual also interferes with your network speed. So if you want to speed up the internet when using VPN, then set up on the device to use only.

Use wired networks

Using wired networks will definitely speed up the internet when using VPN when wired networks can be shared directly, while WiFi connections have to be channeled to share, this more or less affects the internet speed when using a VPN.

Change VPN connection protocol.

There are two protocols, UDP and TCP in VPN, that you can use with many advantages and disadvantages. In terms of how it works, there’s not much difference between the two protocols but UDP is faster than TCP, in return, is less stable than TCP , for those who use it for streaming videos or playing games, UDP is very bad. However, depending on the case you can choose for themselves the more appropriate protocol to speed up the internet when using VPN.

In case you use or change too many VPNs to speed up the internet when using VPN, it is likely to cause network loss, then you should reset the network to the original state to be able to ensure the network connection through. throughout and then proceed to use the next VPN.


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