5 websites to help check the typing speed online

If you do not have the ability to type 10 fingers well, you should practice regularly to master this skill. Refer to the top 5 free website typing test websites below that will be great options for you.

In order to know what your typing speed is, you need to use a measuring tool to check the results of your typing speed. You can now use offline software to install and test your typing speed yourself, or you can use some website to check speed of typing online quite convenient, does not take much time in installing, setting up the program before using.

Check the typing speed, users can use the online typing testing tool

5 websites to check the best online typing speed

There are quite a few websites that help you check your typing speed, in this article we will summarize and list only 5 online typing speed testing applications that are considered the best according to Taimienphi. VN.

1. Test your typing speed online with 10fastfingers

Access website 10fastfingers follow the link HERE

The first website we would recommend to you, that is 10fastfingers. With this online typing test application, you can easily check your typing speed, type your current text with just a few simple steps.

5 websites that help check your hair due to online luck 2

First, you need to access the website following the link we introduced above. Next, retype the words that appear on the screen of the web interface. The system will automatically calculate the time taken when you finish typing all the words that appear on the screen.

You can see the instruction details Test Vietnamese typing speed with 10fastfingers here.

2. Check your typing speed online with TypingTest

Access website TypingTest follow the link HERE

Using TypingTest, you can actively choose the typing test language including English, French, Dutch … When done, this online application also displays the time for users to perform, from then users will choose the level of performance to check their typing ability is at what level.

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Note that this online tool will not be suitable if you want to test Vietnamese typing speed. If you check the speed of typing text in foreign languages, it will be very suitable for you to use.

3. Check your typing speed online with Typeracer

Access website Typeracer follow the link HERE

Typeracer is a website with a long age, before, this online tool only supports English but recently has supported the Vietnamese language, so it is quite convenient for Vietnamese users. However, this online tool will still support the test in English language mainly and is a great tool for testers as well as train their eyebrow speed with 10 fingers.

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In addition to checking the typing speed, users can also join the interesting Typeracer game. This can be considered as a tool combining play and learning to help application users be more interested in using. When you play on Typeracer, you will be a car racer and the travel speed will be the speed you type. Therefore, to speed your car to achieve high speed, you need to concentrate on typing fast, typing as accurately as possible. How cool is it! Please experience this online tool to feel about it.

4. Test your typing speed online with Typing Speed ​​Test

Access website Typing Speed ​​Test follow the link HERE

Typing Speed ​​Test It is also a great online tool for checking your typing speed. Currently the application does not support Vietnamese but this website has a very user-friendly interface, easy to use and deserves to be ranked No. 4 in this list.

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With a simple design, friendly interface, you only need to visit the Web site and conduct the test, after finishing the implementation process, you can share your results to your friends on social networks. to compare.

5. Test your typing speed online with Learn 2 Type

Access website Learn 2 Type follow the link HERE

The last online application introduced in this article, is Learn 2 Type – this is a pretty good tool to help users easily check their typing speed and text editing.

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Use Learn 2 Type You can know how many characters in the last minute you have typed, then you click Test me and you will have the results after the test, and this application also displays the number of characters for you. know you’re typing wrong

The downside of this application is that there is currently no Vietnamese interface for our Vietnamese, as well as not very good interface. However, if you merely need to check in English language, this online application is well worth your choice and use.

Above is the top 5 websites to help check the typing speed online Free is currently selected by many users to use today. If you need to test Vietnamese typing then 10fastfingers would be the most perfect choice. As for other languages ​​for practicing typing, you can choose one of the four online typing speed test applications introduced in this article. Wish you soon get the right choice for yourself.


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