50+ Stt for sale, impressive and funny sales greetings

Here are the sales messages, new sales day greetings, good and impressive sales offers to help you attract customers.

If you are in a situation of posting sales but only acquaintances and friends like it, the interaction is almost non-existent, then please refer to the sales posts, the new sales day greetings, the new sales day greetings that Quantrimang has summarized below to increase the efficiency of reaching the article to more customers.

Sales No

1. “You just eat snails. Shelling is our business!”

2. Discharge inventory, cheap as give, don’t worry about the price. Peanut price, low price, price for the poor.

3. Silver jewelry is sold here like your ex-lover

4. Cheapest photocopy of Pedagogical University: The most modern technology in Europe. Asian rural money calculator.

5. As cheap as dirt, the poor have money to buy!

6. Raid insect spray is effective, not missing any insects including Spider-Man.

7. Bread is too coffee, delicious numb the tip of the tongue.

8. Here: selling better coffee than your ex.

9. Nice bra for the walls with 2 nails.

Sales greetings

Good and impressive sales greetings

1. Does the white shirt make you sunstroke?

2. RED T-shirt makes him SPEAK.

3. Trade with friends, sell with wards. Meeting each other is a predestined… Greet each other back and forth, maybe we’re each other’s customers…

4. Hate to sell bread, scream 4 words: Hot bread here!

5. My car repair shop specializes in: Pumping tank wheels, refueling bicycles, stretching train rims, rolling over rollers.

6. In the past, cork’s hair was often very dry and stiff. Since the cork increased to use Downy 1 discharge. There is no sign of hair anymore.

7. Hanoi bread, do not eat regret, eat regret. Do not sell cheaply in any form. E will take home to eat except for meals… Hanoi bread, don’t eat with regret, eat with regret. Do not sell cheaply in any form. Take home to eat except for meals…

8. Showers this afternoon. Buy any debt lottery ticket.

9. If the rice is not eaten, the rice is still there. Seeing the offer without looking, it is difficult to sleep at night.

10. Like this status, your age will be equal to the number of episodes of “Eight-year-old bride”!


1. Huge discount during inflation! 50% off, don’t buy sleepless nights!

2. Buy 1 get 2, get branded goods right away.

3. Give away branded pants!!! (for buy 1 get 1 free program).

4. Branded goods are still on sale – up to …%.

5. Fashion boom at the end of the year!!! Sale off…% at…

6. Discharge inventory as cheap as giving! Low price, low price!

7. Rice does not eat rice is still there. But seeing the offer without looking, it’s hard to sleep peacefully!

8. Huge discount during inflation! 50% discount on all items, buy at night, have a good night sleep.

9. SALE OFF record !! …% only today.

10. 40% 50%?! Probably 60% SALE OFF.

11. “Buy 2 get 1 free” encourages customers to buy in larger quantities – speeding up goods in large quantities, about to expire, through the trend.

12. “Giving product X when buying invoices over Y million VND” stimulates buying more – helping to change the proportion of revenue and evenly distribute the product lines.

New Year’s Sales Stt

1. Happy New Year Many blessings, many talents, many riches; Winning time, winning, winning people’s hearts. We invite you to visit. Shop (name of your shop) is having a great promotion!

2. This Tet is still the same as the old Tet. Still peritonitis, still not having a boyfriend. No, it’s normal. Not buying New Year’s items is a pain. What are you waiting for, without buying right away (product name) at the sale price of the floor. Travel confidently in spring, No longer worry about “broken” Tet having nothing to wear.

3. Households wish Tet, people wish Tet. Shop (name of your shop) must also follow this movement. Happy new year, best wishes for new luck, wish you a successful, successful year. Hope dear customers leave a comment to send wishes for the Shop (shop name) to sell expensive machines. The shop will randomly choose 5 lucky people to receive Tet gifts from the shop!

4. Best wishes to you. Happy New Year. Fresh face. Slim body. Smiling softly. Smooth work. Happy shopping <3 <3 Announcement of goods about loudspeakers, sisters...

Stt greets the new day with poetry

1. Already online, please don’t hesitate to interact
What if I have a chance to cooperate tomorrow?
Hey stranger! Hold hands and say hello for 1 hour!

2. I say hello in the morning
Trade and sell expensive clothes like rain.

3. Pour a cup of peach wine in the morning
If you pour it out, you’ll regret drinking it and you’ll be drunk
Good friends do not regret good words
Say hello to a house full of blessings.

4. Autumn leaves yellow leaves. The person who left for himself waved his hand. Wave your hand to get lucky. Selling and selling expensive clothes spread the whole village.

5. Once upon a time facebook to play. Nowadays facebook is the place to make money. Hello all good friends. Together interact to double the money.

6. Appreciate each other also by greetings. help each other interact money in like rain. Whether it’s morning or noon. Say hello to each other for an hour and bring the fortune back.

7. Marry a rich man, people are leisurely. If we marry a poor man, we have a hard time making a living. The association of the poor greets each other.

8. There are millions of stars in the sky. When we meet in the morning, we must say hello to be happy. Hey, I’ve seen you. Good morning, good luck all day.

9. Never give bananas with branches. For figs with buds for onions to have flowers. When do you say hello to me? Let acquaintances know to become close friends.

10. Who doesn’t have a lover?
Drinking a glass of smoothies will make you fall in love
Which sister’s husband left her husband?
Drink a “coffee” husband’s smoothie until old
Regardless of enemy or me
Drinking a glass of smoothie is Thuy Kieu.

11. Who’s ugly, horrible?
Come to me to make my hair look pretty again
Do you look at the old fox’s face?
When I cut my hair, I’m a baby rabbit
My husband left her husband
Come here to make my husband’s hair fall in love again
How old are you driving the car?
Come here to shave your hair again as a teen.

12. Get close with each other by greetings
We also meet because we often visit the shop
Wishing you a new day full of energy!

13. It’s too normal to skim through
Hello new precious, new love, new close!
Interaction is needed by everyone
Friends, don’t be afraid to say hello once

14. Bread must have butter
Why don’t you meet to trade and ignore
I’m here to express my sincerity
Hello every morning hello brothers.

15. The person is charming and cute. Also because of regular interaction. An acquaintance of a stranger. In the middle of the week, I wish you all a happy family.

16. Good morning good luck
Increase interaction while not drifting
Hey, remember this sentence
Say hello to each other, the house is full of blessings.

17. The silkworm is infatuated with silk.
He was drunk because of the alcohol, and was dumbfounded by love.
If we are lucky, we will have love.
Say hello to each other for more grace.

18. In the morning, the morning sun is golden.
Say hello to each other properly and then go.
There’s nothing to lose in a sentence.
Increase the interaction of fortune entering the house.

19. Beautiful bamboo grows at the top of the house.
Those who care to interact, the more beautiful they are.

20. If you are lucky, you will meet good friends
Open lucky shop to count money instantly
I’m here to say hello
Together, we become closer.

21. Eat betel nut and choose a piece of dried areca
Go to the facebook page to remember the saleswoman
It’s too normal to pass by
Hello new precious, new love, new close
Interaction is needed by everyone
Please don’t be afraid to say hello once.

In addition to the good and unique sales greetings, you can refer to the new greetings, wishes for a new day full of energy and success.

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