6 services to help you send large files beyond the limit on gmail

Gmail is currently the most popular free email service today with many utilities included. For the needs of sending / receiving regular messages, Gmail can completely meet you. However, Gmail does not allow sending files larger than 25MB, so what do you need to do to send large files to partners? Please refer to the 6 mailing services that exceed the size limit below.

You can use the best file compression and decompression software to minimize the size of your files so you can send them through Gmail, but this method is sometimes ineffective and prone to some errors. In the process of compression, 6 services help you send files that are too large limit on gmail without having to compress any files at all.

Previously, we had instructions on how to send large files via mail, Yahoo or Gmail. The following article will share to you in more detail on gmail

6 services to help you send large files beyond the limit on gmail

1. WeTransfer

WeTranster is a free mailing service that allows you to send files up to 2GB in size, sending up to 20 email addresses at once. With the same interface as the regular email service, you just need to select the file to send, the recipient’s email address, the mailing address and the email content. Then press transfer The service will automatically send an email to your recipient.

6 services to help you save the file size via gion han on gmail 2
With WeTransfer’s paid plan ($ 12 / month) you will be upgraded to the file size sent to 20GB, password-protected, unlimited storage time. With these offers, WeTransfer deserves to be the first of six services to help you send too large files on Gmail.

2. MailBigFile

With free account on MailBigFile, you can send files up to 2GB at breakneck upload speeds, your files will be stored for 10 days, limited to 20 downloads. Using MailBigFile is as simple as other mailing services, you just need to drag and drop the file to send and fill in the recipient’s address, subject, mail content and press Send File.

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MailBigFile has a lot of paid plans for different individuals / businesses, with the highest paid version ($ 240 / year) you will be sending / receiving files to 20GB of storage for 60 days, tracking files, gender. limit 100 downloads per file, protect data with a password, …

3. HighTail

In addition to providing regular mailing features, HighTail also provides you with a simplified data management, you can allow others to download and edit your files when granted access. However, HighTail is quite limited in limiting the size of files sent when only uploading files up to 250MB for free accounts.

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You can upgrade to a paid account ($ 15 / month) to be limited to uploading up to 25GB.

4. TransferBigFiles

TransferBigFiles Only used by businesses and paid users when the premium account of this service has a capacity of up to 20GB / download for only $ 8 / month.

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No user will want to use the free service of TransferBigFiles when the service limits the upload file to 30MB / file, not much more than Gmail and is only stored for 5 days.

5. DropSend

If you need to send very large files that the above services do not meet you, then try DropSend. With a free account that has twice the upload limit of other services of 8GB / file, the limit of 5 submissions a month is enough to make you satisfied.

6 services to help you save your file size via gion han on gmail 6

With a paid account ($ 9 / month) you are upgraded to a limited capacity of 8GB / file, extremely high upload speed, limited to 45 submissions a month.

6. SendThisFile

You will only need to spend $ 5 / month to be limited to the capacity of 25GB, 6 days of data storage or the highest paid account of $ 100 / month to share data up to a size of 500GB, password protection. Paid service really SendThisFile Very worth using. And if you want to use the free service, you can still send files that cost 2GB per send, with fast upload speeds and an easy-to-use interface.

6 services to help you save your space file via gion han on gmail 7

Hopefully, with 6 services that help you send large files beyond the limit on Gmail will help you solve the anxiety of Gmail’s file size limit. You can use a combination of free packages of the above services to freely send documents. Good luck !


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