7 best features of WinRAR

7 best features of WinRAR

7 best features of WinRAR is what makes compression software, extracting WinRAR file a really useful software for every user. Let’s Taimienphi.vn learn the good features of WinRAR.

WinRAR is a software that allows users to compress and decompress data files on the computer, which helps greatly in the process of preserving data, as well as transferring and sending data at work and study. In addition, WinRAR has many great features that you may not know. Besides WinRAR there are many other software such as 7 Zip or WinZip … 7 Zip is considered a rival of WinRAR because of its equally fast decompression speed, and with WinZip can be considered as the 2nd version of WinRAR

File compression is a feature used quite a lot on computer devices through the current WinRAR software. WinRAR allows compress the file With fast file compression speed, use easily.

In addition, installing WinRAR is quite simple for users. After install WinRAR we were able to successfully compress large data files to a lower level to save hard drive memory. And here Taimienphi.vn will introduce to you the 7 best features of WinRar.

7 best features of WinRar

first . Change the compression

7 best tips of winrar

A little-known feature, WinRAR has 6 different options that correspond to different types of compression and different compression quality.

At Compression method we have options:

– Store: Fastest compression time, but large compression capacity, prone to errors that are not suitable for compressing large data files.

– Faster: Compression time is faster than normal than Store, and the level of compressed file size is also quite large. Similar to the Store, this compression method is not suitable for large data files prone to errors.

– Fast: Fast compression time but not equal to Faster, the level of compressed file size is only a bit high. However, according to this assessment is not a way to compress large data files

– Normal: This type of compression is often used, fast or slow speed depending on the data size, quite stable and less errors during compression of large data files.

– Good: The compression time is longer than normal but the compression quality is higher when the compressed file size is quite small compared to Normal.

– Best: The longest compression time, the compressed file will have the lowest possible size suitable for large data types to avoid errors during use.

2 . Split files to be compressed

This is a feature that has been used a lot before when external memory (portable HDD, USB) has not appeared yet. Like file compression, this feature only splits the file into pieces.

7 best tips of winrar

Under Split to volumes, size will have default options for splitting the file into pieces of data. And the next column is the number of pieces that will be broken down in the file.

How to split the file to be compressed has been posted in the article split file zipped you can see and learn more about how to use this feature.

Also in section Archiving options we also have other options such as:

– Delete files after archiving: Delete the original file after the compression has been completed.

– Create SFX archive: Create self-extracting files without using decompression support software (usually used for devices without decompression tools)

– Create solid archive: This is a compression method only available on WinRAR, and effective for small files in bulk. However, the compression time is quite long and error prone

– Add recovery record: Create a backup to protect the compressed file so that it can be repaired during the error process.

– Test archived files: Test the compressed file after it is completed

– Lock archive: Lock the file, when using you will not be able to edit the archive file anymore.

3. Set password of compressed files

This is a way to increase data security after the file has been compressed to avoid bad guys.

How to set a password, create a password protection Taimienphi.vn has detailed instructions in the article How Set a password to compress the file With WinRAR you can watch and follow.

4. Create self-extracting files (.EXE)

This is a common way to extract data files without using a decompression tool.

7 best tips of winrar

At the compressed file interface you click on the Create SFX archive option, immediately your compressed file will change, instead of .rar will become .exe.

For details on how to create a self-extracting file, you can find out with the article create exe compressed file by WinRAR has been answered by Taimienphi.vn in previous posts.

5. Use Recovery to recover the corrupted WinRAR compressed file

In the process of compressing files, the data files are quite large, or the compression process has problems that will affect the compression process and prone to errors. The Recovery feature is used in these cases.

To use this feature, we tick the Add recovery record item.

7 best tips of winrar

Click on the Advanced tab to add other options, change the Recovery record item to increase the recovery rate for corrupted files.

7 best tips of winrar

6. How to fix a corrupted WinRAR zip file

After enabling the use of Recovery during the process of compressing files, if the file has errors we can easily fix the file.

7 best tips of winrar

You click on File Winrar, select the tab and click Repair archive.

How to recover data in compressed files, fix corrupted Winrar compressed files, as instructed in Taimienphi.vn in the article Recover corrupted compressed data data You can find out more in this article.

7. Add individual bookmarks to the archive

This is a way for us to insert individual bookmarks in compressed files to prevent someone from using our compressed file for a bad purpose.

How you click on the Comment tab and click Browse to choose your markup

7 best tips of winrar

Then click OK to confirm

Above are the 7 best features of WinRAR that publishers towards users with full utility options. In addition, Winrar also allows users to open iSO file to access the data in it, with the steps detailed in the tutorial. Open the iSO file Believe you will have easy access to the iSO file.

In the process of extracting, sometimes you will encounter file is corrupt error and do not know how to fix this, do not worry how to fix it. Fix file is corrupt Taimienphi.vn has guided you in a few articles written before, you can learn and fix this error.


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