7 best onpage SEO techniques for getting to the top 1 in Google

Update 7 latest onpage SEO techniques 2020 to top 1 Google fast and sustainable. Optimize onpage standard website as suggested in this article of Taimienphi.vn combined with appropriate offpage SEO techniques in each stage, make sure the rankings and visits to your website will be significantly improved. .

After the latest algorithm update from Google, most webmasters are turning their efforts and resources into onpage SEO. So if you want to improve your website rankings, you can refer 7 onpage SEO techniques The latest is listed in this article of Taimienphi.vn.

SEO onpage: concepts, checklist and the latest onpage seo techniques.

7 best onpage SEO techniques for getting to the top 1 in Google

1. What is onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO (onsite SEO) is a concept that refers to all actions taken directly in a web page whose main goal is to improve its position in the search rankings. Specifically, these are actions that can only be used by people who have access to and control of the site.

Onpage SEO is one of the most important aspects of the website optimization process.

2. 7 best onpage SEO techniques 2020

2.1. Consider user experience a top priority

As a webmaster, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is user experience evaluation. Put yourself in their shoes, then check to see what you see on your website, and what content can you improve?

The bounce rate of the website is also a factor that the search engines take into account when deciding the ranking in search results. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who quickly leave after viewing a single content. In fact, if users have a bad experience visiting your site, they will leave immediately.

A bad user experience will increase bounce rate and negatively affect your site’s rankings. To improve user experience, you need the best way to present content on the page.

This depends on the device or technology that the visitor is using when accessing the site. In fact, websites are usually the fastest to respond on mobile. That is why you should design a mobile version of your website.

Another method to enhance your user experience is to make sure that all links on the page are working. Anyone will feel frustrated or annoyed when clicking on a broken link.

7 best onpage SEO techniques for top 1 google 2

Focusing on user experience is one of the best onpage seo techniques, which should be paid attention in 2020

To analyze and measure experience on the website, we cannot ignore these SEO support tool. Using a combination of onpage + offpage SEO tools smartly, website planning, management and measurement will become much simpler and easier.

2.2. Use proper titles and meta descriptions

When search engines scan your site, the first thing it will do is read the content name, tags and description, then the title and content.

The most important note here is that the title, tags and description should have a connection with the content. In fact, many webmasters often try to circumvent the law by using titles and descriptions that are irrelevant to the content. Never try this method because your site could be penalized or banned.

Besides, if your content contains a lot of images and videos, you still need to include appropriate titles, tags and descriptions because otherwise, the search engine will not be able to read the content. That is, you are required to provide clues so that the tool can understand your video or image.

2.3. Keyword

Everyone knows the use of keywords is extremely important in the content writing process, but you also need to pay attention to the keyword density on the website. If you know how to use keywords, variations of keywords and integrate them into the content and structure of the website, your website will definitely be ranked higher by search engines.

When writing headlines or content, don’t forget to include keywords, and remember to use them whenever you need to. However, it should not be “keyword stuffing“- Google will not judge your website well

Attention: Keyword density refers to measuring the percentage of the number of keywords or phrases used on the page. Most SEO experts suggest that the best match rate is about 15%. In addition, you can also use some tools or applications to calculate the keyword density most accurately.

2.4. The length of the content

Make sure the content you publish on the page is the right length. This is especially important if you own a blog site or website that is heavy in content. Typically articles with about 1,000 words are more likely to rank higher than posts with 500 words. The length of the content can directly affect the SEO results.

Posts with insufficient length and thin content are often underestimated by Google for not having enough useful information. Specifically, the article needs to be 1,000 words or more long. This also means that you provide more content for readers, they will spend more time on the page and search engines will evaluate it more positively.

7 best onpage SEO techniques for top 1 google 3

Onpage SEO techniques, Latest Checklist SEO onpage 2020.

2.5. Internal linking and external linking strategy

Next, pay attention to internal linking strategies and off-site linking

Internal linking is the link to other pages in the website and basic onsite SEO techniques that you need to master.

You should only implement the internal linking strategy if the content of the two pages is really related. For example, you write a post about Facebook marketing and at the same time, you have an article on content optimization on Facebook. Don’t just create internal links for the purpose of connecting the content on a page, you could be penalized for a violation.

The same thing happens with external links. There are cases where it is necessary to link to content outside your site. In fact, linking very similar websites with your site is also very important.

For example: If you blog about acrylic paint, you can link your blog to other sites that also provide information about acrylic paint. This will help readers get more information about their area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. It can be said that external links help improve user experience.

External links also help increase targeted traffic to your site. Most webmasters monitor the pages that link to the website they are in charge of.

2.6. URL optimization

Optimizing URL description is one of the jobs that an onpage SEO person can use to improve the site’s ranking in search results. The general rule of thumb is that the URL must contain relevant keywords, not just random words or numbers.

Descriptive URLs are more likely to get more clicks from readers because they can understand the preliminary meaning of the entire content of web pages and articles.

7 best onpage SEO techniques for top 1 google 4

Optimize website URL – Best onpage SEO technique 2020.

2.7. Improve web page loading speed

Anyone will be frustrated when it takes too much time to access a website. If your page has a slow loading speed, search rankings will also decrease. Besides, web download speed also affects bounce rate, because most users will leave the page immediately after seeing that the page cannot load.

To improve website loading speed, you can try the following solutions:

+ Use reliable web hosting services
+ Remove unnecessary applications on the page
+ Make sure to use a content management system friendly to search engines
+ Do not saturate your site with time-consuming content to download such as too many videos or images.

If you want to learn more about the website speed testing tools and how to improve, you can refer to the article. How much does page load speed affect SEO? ? How to reduce page load time? “By Taimienphi.vn

These are all the best onpage SEO techniques we want you to master. Hopefully the article will help you understand and update the latest information on SEO, thereby easily adjust the content on the website and achieve the highest rank on Google search results. Good luck.


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