7 great design tools on Linux that “digital artists” should know

If you’re a Linux user and a “digital artist,” the good news is that Linux provides some great design tools for digital artists to create floating designs. Turn on, video, animation, …. Here is a list of 7 great design tools on Linux that “digital artists” should know.

At first you might think that Mac and Windows are platforms for artists. However, with 7 great design tools on Linux, you can also do this. Follow the article below to get to know but what is this tool.

7 Great design tools for Linux


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is the best design tool for image editing or raster graphic creation / editing, and it is also called “Photoshop killer”, this is because GIMP provides “goods” tons ”of features but not as much as Photoshop, but also includes all the basic features.

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GIMP provides layers, crop and resize images, and tons of filters. There are also many scripts that you can use to enhance its functionality. It can be said that GIMP is the best tool that professional artists should use to create great works of art.

2. Inkscape

If using vector graphics, Inkscape is the app for you. Similar to GIMP, Inkscape for Linux provides a lot of features for users, although for newbies, “wet feet” to get acquainted with Inkscape will be a little difficult.

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Of course, you don’t need to use all the “advanced” features when you first get started. You can use Inkspace to create and manipulate objects, work on links, create and edit text, etc. Inkscape for Linux is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator on Linux, although the application doesn’t have as many features as Adobe Illustrator. However, it is also a top choice for anyone doing vector design work.

3. Krita

Krita is a drawing software used to create raster images. Krita is basically like GMIP but not as popular as GIMP. However Krita offers more tools and features related to drawing.

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Brush Engine and Brush Stabilizer are two of the great features of Krite, and many others. Although you can draw in GIMP, Krita is a better choice. Also you can visit Krita library to see the wonderful works created by Krita.

Download and install Krita on your computer here:

4. Blender

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If you need to create 3D, Blender for Linux is the tool for you. According to the author of Blender for Linux: “the tool supports the entire 3D pipeline system – models, rigs, animations, simulations, render (export), join and track motion, even editing. video and game creation ”. The default functions are fine, but if you need to use more features, there are plenty of scripts and add-ons to help you do that.

5. Vectr

Vectr for linux is also a vector graphics program, if for any reason you feel dissatisfied with Inkscape, then you can try Vectr. Vectr for Linux is not a Linux-specific program – it is available for many different platforms, including web browsers. Although Vectr doesn’t offer as many features as Inkscape, it offers all the basic and beginner-friendly features.

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One of the unique features of Vectr is real-time online collaboration – this feature is extremely useful if you are working in a team. Vectr provides all the tools for creating and editing shapes and filters.

Download and install Vectr on your computer here:

6. Audacity

Digital art also includes sound, so if you’re looking for a good audio editor on Linux, Audacity for Linux is one of them. You can use Audacity for Linux to record and edit multi-channel audio, including streaming audio if your sound card supports it. You can also import and export audio files.

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With Audacity you can cut, copy and paste audio tracks, create sounds, reduce noise, adjust the volume, … and many other features. It can be asserted that Audacity is a professional audio program.

7. ImageMagick

You might be surprised to see ImageMagick on the list of great Linux design tools for digital artists. In fact, users use ImageMagick more than other applications and tools.

ImageMagick for Linux is a command-line program and using ImageMagick for Linux is not as simple as the rest of the tools, but the highlight of ImageMagick is faster and a great choice to automate operations. You can write scripts and execute them to do your job.

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With ImageMagick you can create files, crop, resize, convert from one format to another, change colors, etc. ImageMagick also comes with many other advanced features – almost everything you can do with a graphics program through the control panel.

You don’t have much control over the final result, and you don’t preview the results.

In addition to the tools, the application also has a number of other applications such as Pinta, MyPaint or Karbon.

The great design tools on Linux list above are filtered from applications, tools used for different purposes, such as: editing and creating raster images, image editing and creating vector, video and animation and audio editing, as well as other control tools.

Most of these tools are used by many people and create “great” artworks.



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