7 ways to fix the situation of Android phones that keep restarting

There’s nothing more annoying than doing something on your phone and it suddenly restarts on its own. There are many reasons why your phone keeps restarting. It could be a strange app you installed, your phone is overheating, or the battery is dying.

Let’s take a look at the troubleshooting steps you should take if your phone crashes and keeps restarting.

If you own a Windows or Mac computer, you’re familiar with the concept of updating your operating system to benefit from the latest features, fixes, and security patches. Android phones are no different.

The number of updates you will receive will depend on your phone and manufacturer. Unfortunately, many manufacturers stop updating phones after a few years (with the exception of critical fixes), partly as a tactic to force you to upgrade your device.

Regardless, if your phone’s operating system is out of date, it can cause problems that cause the phone to keep restarting. Therefore, you should check for updates. The exact procedure will vary for each phone model, but should be similar to this:

Update Android OS
  • B1: Open Settings.
  • B2: Click Software update.
  • B3: Click Download and install.
  • B4: If an update is found, tap Update.

2. Update the app

Along with updating your operating system, you also need to make sure all the apps on your phone run the latest version. Some apps will update more frequently than others, depending on the app type and developer involvement.

If you notice that your phone restarts when using a certain app or when it’s running in the background, it’s possible that the problem is caused by this app. You may be running an old version of the app that isn’t compatible with your Android version, or the app’s developer may have released a fix for the problem.

Update apps on Android
Update apps on Android

Refer to the article: Android application update guide for more details.

3. Turn on Safe Mode and delete apps

As mentioned, a particular app can cause your phone to restart unexpectedly. To fix this problem, you should enable Safe Mode on Android. In Safe Mode, only your device’s core apps are run, so it’s a great way to check if an app you’ve installed is buggy.

If your phone doesn’t restart in Safe Mode, it can be concluded that the cause is an app you installed. Therefore, you should uninstall your apps one by one, starting with the most recently downloaded app, until you find the app that’s causing the problem.

4. Clean up memory

Clean up Android memory
Clean up Android memory

Phones have only a limited amount of storage space. If less than 10% of the memory is left, the phone can start crashing – including randomly rebooting.

Therefore, you should clean up the phone memory. For example, you can delete unused applications, clear the cache, empty the download folder on the Internet, etc..

In addition, you can expand your storage. If your phone allows it, buy a microSD card for more internal storage space. Or move data to cloud storage, like Google Drive or OneDrive.

5. Check for signs of overheating

If your phone overheats, it may restart or power off to protect itself. It’s not uncommon for a phone to get hot during intensive tasks, such as playing games for long periods of time, but if the phone is constantly overheating that’s a problem.

Reference: Your Android device is overheating, here is how to fix it for more details.

6. Perform a factory reset

Restore factory settings on Android
Restore factory settings on Android

If you have done everything above and the phone still keeps rebooting, you can try the factory reset option for the phone. This will erase the device and return everything to defaults.

Therefore, it is important that you back up your Android device before proceeding. While some Google account data is in the cloud, your app data and personal files are probably local data and you don’t want to lose them.

7. Replace the battery

Your phone’s battery has a finite life, and it may be time to replace it. This can be true if your phone reboots and suddenly has much less battery life left than it used to.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to replace the battery on most modern Android phones. If your phone has a removable back cover, luckily you can buy a replacement battery and insert it. If not, it’s best to see if the manufacturer offers repair service, go to a reputable repair shop, or buy a new phone.


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