8 of the most feared extortion virus

8 of the most feared extortion virus

The 8 most frightening extortion viruses on your computer are not known, but if you do, you will probably feel very frightened because your computer has almost lost control and become a computer. The ghost serves the evil needs of the bad guys. Along Taimienphi.vn learn to avoid encountering these viruses, malicious ransom malicious code.

Ransom or ransomware is a dangerous virus that can invade a computer’s data system, steal important information, and issue blackmail warnings to users to recover. data.

Many people are often subjective only to online viruses without knowing that the database of online antivirus services is not many and it is likely that many ransomware will be dangerous for users.

It is worth noting that this type of extortion virus is growing so much that many anti-virus software and malware cannot promptly detect and handle. For that reason, Taimienphi.vn would like to introduce to you a list of 8 most terrifying viruses on your computer for easy reference and prevention.

8 of the most feared extortion virus

1. Crysis

This is a very dangerous form of extortion virus targeting individuals and businesses. The mode of transmission of this virus is mainly via email containing attachments using legitimate software such as Winrar, 7-zip, Microsoft Office.

Attack: After infiltrating the victim’s computer, Crysis encrypted nearly 200 files on the drive and demanded a maximum of 1022 bitcoins.

More dangerous, Crysis can also infect other computers by stealing administrative privileges and automatically multiply and infect many other computers on the same network.

2. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the striking variants with the ability to change the method of attacking users. Jigsaw often hides in the form of a chat site, to trick its “prey” into the trap, combined with voice chat to put pressure on the victim.

8 types of extortion virus are on the computer

The ransomware can also copy and send the victim’s personal information and email history to all their contacts to make the ransom easier.

3. Apocalypse

The Apocalypse extortion virus is dangerous in that it will guide users wholeheartedly how to retrieve data via email. However, it is just a trick to disguise the user. When users log into the system, Apocalypse will send a notice that, if in 72 hours, the user does not redeem the stolen data, all data on the computer will be destroyed.

virus types that are currently the most advanced on the computer

More dangerous, Apocalypse also has the ability to detect if the victim bypasses the lock screen, runs the decryption file or uses any means to regain access to the locked files.

4. Kozy.Jozy

This type of ransomware will alert the victim with an encrypted file extension and an alert in Russian. The file uses an encryption algorithm named RSA-2048.

8 viruses in the list of computers currently on the computer

Kozy.Jozy quite skillfully delete the backup to delete the trace. Afterwards, the victim continued to receive instructions on how to pay bitcoin (virtual money) ransom to the attacker.

5. Goopic

Goopic a new strain of ransomware appeared recently. Goopic will require the owner to provide ransom, but only for a very short time, mostly within 24-90 hours later.

6. Flocker

Unlike other ransomware, Flocker began to invade Android devices first and then smart TVs. According to security firm Trend Micro, FLocker currently has 7,000 variants. However, the company has just discovered 1,200 new variants.

The doc is the most advanced on the computer

7. BlackShades

The new BlackShades ransomware chain targets English and Russian speakers. The ransom that users have to pay via online payment gateway Paypal is 30 USD.

But the virus is currently on the computer

There are about 195 types of user files that will be encrypted by BlackShades using AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, they will separate the victim from all folders and computers. Next, BlackShades will automatically add the .silent extension to append the encrypted files.

8. CryptXXX

8 types of virus that are most dangerous on computers

This is one of the most dangerous ransomware currently, in just a short time in June 2016, CryptXXX has been transformed three times from version 3.0 to 3.1 with a lot of options to attack users and coins. prevent users from using free decryption tools to unlock data.

8 viruses are currently on the computer

In the first version 3.1, CryptXXX was able to encrypt the files of a host with the extension .cryp1. Then, to the latest version 3.1, CryptXXX has the ability to spread and spread widely through the Neutrino vulnerability.

Above is a list of 8 types of extortion virus (ransomware) today. Readers need to learn carefully about the characteristics and dangers of each virus to be promptly prevented.

In addition, finding a good antivirus software to avoid the risk of ransomware is also the top effective solution. Therefore, you can refer to the list top 10 best antivirus software 2016 provided by Taimienphi.vn to combat dangerous viruses.

Some professional antivirus software such as Kaspersky or Avast … can protect your system in the best way. Both Kaspersky and Avast have the most advanced advanced tools to detect and remove viruses today

If you are using an Android phone, an open mobile platform that is most vulnerable to attack by hackers, you can also consider finding an antivirus application for Android to promptly prevent potential risks while using it. phone.


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