8 simple tips for more professional video editing

8 simple tips for more professional video editing

Conducting video editing is the last and also the most important step before releasing new video products. The video editing process also takes a lot of time, not as simple as you think. Hopefully with 8 simple tips to help edit videos more professionally, Taimienphi.vn introduced below will partly help you save your time.

If you’re just getting started, edit videos and you’re still stuck in a few places. In the article below, Taimienphi.vn will introduce you to 8 simple tips to help edit videos more professionally.

8 simple tips for more professional video editing

1. Store the source in a project folder

Assuming that this is the first time you’ve done and edited a large project, the advice is to save the source to a single folder on the desktop for easier searching. For each project, you should create a common project folder so that other small project folders contain images, audio files, which are convenient for searching.

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The steps are quite simple, just create a project folder letter, then create other small folders such as photos, music, …. In addition, you should also describe briefly for each file folder, your project to easily visualize the file used for any project, ….

This is to organize the projects in a more orderly and organized way, making it easier to find things. By searching everything quickly will save you a considerable amount of time.

2. Store the completed project in a safe location

Hard drive and memory card crashes can occur at any time. So you should regularly store backups in a safe, separate location, such as cloud storage services, although uploading can take a long time, especially videos, or there may be Can be stored on external hard drive devices such as USB.

3. Cut out excess content

Often users tend to click to open videos with special content, attractive. No one wants to waste their time opening a long video, but the engaging content lasts for the last few minutes. So you should learn how to trim the lengthy introductory content at the beginning and end of the video, familiarize yourself with how to edit the video to suit the user trend more.

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4. Consider choosing an editing tool wisely

When choosing a video editor, pay attention to the controls. Choosing simple tools but professional video editing, such as iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or YouTube video editor are smart options.

However, if you need something more complicated, allowing you to arrange video layers like Photoshop and use keyboard shortcuts, … then Adobe Creative Cloud (used to edit the latest movies) will be perfect choice.

For novice users, it is best to use applications like Adobe Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro X or Sony Vegas for video editing.

YouTube and Vimeo also provide users with many great tips for video editing and searching.

5. Avoid using Jum cut techniques

Suppose that if you interviewed an interview video, the respondent only answered the short sentences like right, right, …. Luckily you can cut these videos and add other related videos. to the content (also known as b-roll or cutaway).

Note you will need a high-end (non-linear) editing system to do this, using applications like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. The Prosumer editor lets you organize video layers, but iMovie doesn’t.

6. Use other audio sources

Use a different audio source for videos that are clearer than the audio being shot. If possible, use a microphone for better recording or use a separate audio system to synchronize audio in your video instead of using the recorded audio source.

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You can do this by converting the waveform or using PluralEyes. Adobe Premiere CC also has a built in and provides a similar synchronization function.

Unfortunately, low-level video editors can’t do this. If possible, find a microphone plugged directly into the camera. This is the fastest solution to improve your sound better.

7. Change the scene

The important thing to consider while editing videos is to visually edit video content. Instead of using the same scene for the entire video, you should try to change the other angles more interesting, transitions to make the video more intuitive and vivid.

An interesting rule to remember is to perform a video cut based on music or audio. If cut too quickly maybe the video content will be cut off, the viewer can not understand what the content is about.

8. Complete 3 beginning, middle and ending parts

The most important point to note when editing videos is full of 3 parts: the beginning, the middle and the end. That way the viewer knows what the content you want to mention in the video, the content of the content and the ending.

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After editing the video, you can upload to social networks Youtube or Facebook, refer to the way Upload videos to Youtube here

So the article above Taimienphi.vn has just introduced you to 8 simple tips to edit videos more professionally. Hopefully the article above will provide you with more useful information, which is a premise for you to edit videos more professionally.


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