A close-up look at life in the backyard in the game Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded survival game has attracted more than 1 million players since its launch on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. Recently, the developer has shared more about his game to give people a better view of life in the backyard in Grounded.

In the role-playing game GroundedThe player wakes up in a suburban backyard after being mysteriously shrunk, to the size of an ant and must survive in this dangerous environment.

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Grounded: Overview of life in the backyard in the game

But while players build shelters and scavenge for resources, many Grounded insects have fun of their own. From aphids to ladybirds to spiders, each creature follows a Goal-Oriented-Action-Plan (GOAP) governed by artificial intelligence as they continue their own busy lives across the backyard. In the end, all of our insects want to be happy!

For example, aphids are curious little creatures that love to explore the yard. When they begin to feel depressed, they look for the clover to fill happiness. If you happen to find some bile bed bugs somewhere, this means you have just met a bug filled with happiness.

Go close to a flooded area and you will most likely be blocked by a swarm of eye mosquitoes (Gnat). Those cute little bugs love to stay underwater during the day and bathe in the light at night, so meeting these happy little boys will be determined by the time of day.

Caution about the backyard song in game grounded 2

Looking for a mushroom or two? You can find a herd of weevils (Weevil) near where the fungus is located, as these simple creatures love to sniff out delicious mushrooms, which can help lead survivors in the backyard to a good source of food. heal.

GOAP’s AI system creates interesting playability for players. And as developers continue to add new insects to Grounded on Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access, things get even more engaging and they look forward to boosting gameplay to enhance the player’s experience.

Watch out for the backyard song in game grounded 3

Grounded is currently available on Xbox Game Preview, Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10 Store, and Steam Early Access. Players can also explore Grounded’s vibrant mobile backyard, as the game is now available on the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming platform. You can also expect to see a new content update rolling out September 30 with new items, in-game changes and bug fixes, as well as some special surprises included.

Link Grounded on Steam (PC) and Xbox One:

=> Grounded download link for PC

=> Link download Grounded for Xbox One

From searching for food, exploring their surroundings or sleeping, backyard bugs are always full of life, indulging in day-to-day tasks. Hope to see you again in the backyard!

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