A simple guide to breaking computer passwords

Do you believe that with just a few steps, Taimienphi.vn can break a computer password simply no matter what operating system you are using, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. If you do not believe then the direction The lead below will show you that.

With way password cracking Which we are going to talk about in the following article will give you an additional way to break the computer password as well as log in the computer when forgetting the password. However, please note that with the password breaking method, the password will be completely erased, if you are intending to access someone else’s computer, using this method will let others know and this way only Applies to logon screen password only. And the first password when you turn on the computer will not be able to handle this way. If it is your computer and forgot the password, the above option is highly recommended to login the computer when you forget the password. use.

Instructions for breaking computer passwords

Tools needed to perform:

– A USB with a minimum capacity of 4 GB.

– Software DLC BootLatest version here.

-> See instructions create USB Boot versatile atHere (needed to crack the computer password).

Step 1: First to break the computer password you need to know how to enter the BIOS, see how enter the BIOS In the article below for specific instructions on the type of device you are using.

Step 2: For the type of device we are using, enter the BIOS by pressing repeatedly F12 When booting the computer, note that USB plug has created the multi-boot boot first Please. Because of that, the boot list appears and you can select the drive name of the USB as shown below.

Guide to the computer phase 2 computer time

Step 3: At this point, the interface of DLC Boot appears, to select a password to break the computer password Other Tools before.

Guide to computer cleaning machine 3

Step 4: Here you will find up to 3 tools for breaking computer passwords including Kon- Boot 2.5, Active Password Changer Pro 6.0 and Offline XP / Vista / 7 Password Changer. In this article, Taimienphi.vn will guide you how to break computer password by Active Password Changer Pro 6.0 because it’s common and works with the most types of operating systems.

Guide to computer cleaning machine 4

Step 5: Go inside Active Password Changer Pro 6.0, choose number 1 already press enter to make a drive selection.

guide to the time machine computer don 5

Step 6: Usually we will choose choose 2nd drive (drive 1) The drive letter that contains the operating system in use, the first drive (drive 0) is our USB.

Guide to computer cleaning machine 6

Step 7: After selecting, please wait for a while for the system to scan and until the message shown below you can click next. Enter.

Guide to computer cleaning 7

Step 8: A list will appear here, you can choose Select each line in turn To break the computer password, in this example we just need to break the computer password, the two main ones are Administrator and 9mobi.vn.

Guide to computer cleaning 8

Step 9: Here the system has built in two parts, Password never expires and Clear this User’s Password, simply press Y to break the computer password and save.

Guide to computer cleaning and computer 9

Step 10: After press Y to finish saving will have a notice that you have completed or changed, press any key to exit this item.

guide to making a computer and computer 10

Step 11: Back to the old interface, you can do with the remaining values ​​or not please press Ecs constantly to get rid of this section.

How to make computer screen saigon 11

Step 12: Back to the top user interface just select 3 already Enter to reboot after breaking the computer password.

guide to the time the computer user don 12

With how to break the computer password with Active Password Changer Pro 6.0, users only need to restart the computer and proceed to login the computer as usual without having to enter any password at all, it is very convenient, right?

And with the convenience of Active Password Changer Pro 6.0 to break your computer’s password, you will see the importance when you always have to create a USB boot to use in many different cases, creating a USB boot not only helps you handle problems such as breaking a computer password, it is also the best rescue device that can be used.


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