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Accelerated Raspberry Pi runs smoother and faster


If you’re faced with a situation where your Raspberry Pi is not working as expected. In the following article, will show you how to speed up Raspberry Pi and run smoothly and faster.

In spite of Raspberry Pi Very powerful, but not every user knows how to tweak the device to get the best experience. Refer to the following article of to learn how to tweak, accelerate Raspberry Pi to run smoother and faster.

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1. Kdullt nOohi vOhi stupidohn goHeyn driven ddPoopnh

To extend the life and speed up the Raspberry Pi, the first solution is to connect the device to a stable power source. The Raspberry Pi 3 needs to be connected via micro USB, the best solution is to connect it with a 5V 2.5A adapter.

Tang raspberry pi to run fast and faster

Although connecting the Pi directly via USB or using the phone charger is more convenient, the power supply is unstable.

2. Su dmoundng hHey gooperatorCheek

Install distributions that take up as few resources as possible. To speed up Raspberry Pi performance, that is to keep things to a minimum and some Linux distributions were born for that purpose.

Tang raspberry pi to run fast and faster 2

Even Raspbian is available in Lite-size, lightweight versions. However, you can consider DietPi or RISC OS (not Linux) for a lightweight operating system experience.

3. Delete Bloatware

If the Raspberry Pi is about to run out of free space, we can reclaim almost 1 Gigabyte of space on the microSD card by deleting pre-installed software that doesn’t matter.

Tang raspberry pi to run faster and faster 3

For example, the Raspberry Pi 3 is suitable for use as a desktop but we may not need to use software such as LibreOffice, so delete these software to free up memory.

Open a Terminal window and run the following commands:

sudo apt purge libreoffice *
sudo apt clean
sudo apt autoremove

In case LibreOffice is not software that occupies free space on Pi but other software and applications such as Wolfram, you can use the same command, replace libreoffice * with wolfram-engine or other software other.

4. HiHeyJavaScript optimization

If you need to browse the web on your Raspberry Pi, you can use Chromium, Vivaldi or other lightweight browsers. In addition to restricting opening multiple tabs, the solution to disable JavaScript is also a way to browse the web faster.

Tang raspberry pi to run faster and faster 4

Disabling JavaScript on different browsers will be different. To disable JavaScript on Chromium, go to Menu => Settings (settings) => Advanced (advanced) => Privacy and security (security and privacy) => Content settings (content settings) => JavaScript and conversion from Allowed (Block) to Blocked (block).

5. Overclocking

Overclocking the Raspberry Pi is the ideal solution to speed up Raspberry Pi and run smoothly. This solution is especially useful if you use the Pi as a media center with Kodi or play classic games.

Raspberry Pi overclocking tools are available for most distributions. On Raspbian, you can open the Raspberry Pi configuration on PIXEL or use the command line utility raspi-config.

Tang raspberry pi to run fast and faster than 5

Use the arrow keys to select Overclock, then select the speed you want to use. For best results, choose the level just above and save and restart Pi.

After overclocking a Raspberry Pi, you can consider a number of cooling solutions. Also note that overclocking will shorten device life. Most Raspberry Pi devices can be overclocked, but the best is still a Raspberry Pi 3.

6. Su dmoundng thOh microSD tOohc đOh high

Whether you’re using a Raspberry Pi Zero or a Raspberry Pi 3B +, the speed of a microSD card is important. The microSD card greatly improves Raspberry Pi performance.

First, you should avoid using memory cards of small, not famous manufacturers, it is best to choose memory cards from manufacturers like Samsung, SanDisk or Kingston to ensure the best quality. Also make sure you have the correct type of Raspberry Pi memory card. Many Pis come with microSD cards, and often Samsung microSDHC cards.

7. Hsirn chdull lsirm dmoundng thOh SD

Apart from the power, the SD card is the worst part on the Raspberry Pi. Both original Raspberry Pi models and newer models use standard SD cards but are prone to errors.

Tang raspberry pi to run faster and faster 6

First of all, you need to make sure you are using a good SD card, it is best to use a microSDHC card because this card is capable of fixing errors and faster than cheap cards.

Also how to use the microSD card is also very important, do not disconnect the device before the device is turned off.

If the operating system is running without it, the risk of operating system and microSD card is high. The solution is to use the safe shutdown option on the operating system you have chosen. In addition to the shutdown button, you can also use the following command:

sudo shutdown -h now

This is one of the basic commands that Raspberry Pi users should know. If you want to set a shutdown time, use the command:

sudo shutdown -h 12:01

8. Chsiry tyes USB / HDD

You probably didn’t know, Raspberry Pi in addition to booting from a microSD card can also be reconfigured and boot the operating system from a USB drive.

Tang raspberry pi to run faster and faster 7

This will also speed up the Raspberry Pi and make it faster and more expandable on the Pi. However, this method is only available and works on Raspberry Pi 3.

9. Bdrive sung bOh nhOh out

If you have a suitable external hard drive, you can consider adding this one as additional memory for Raspberry Pi files. Both USB drives, SSDs and USB flash drives can all be used as extra storage for the Pi.

10. Su dmoundng ZRAM do bOh saveũ fast

Finally, Pi hardware can be used to create fast storage on the device. Although the data stored here is not accessible at startup, this does not matter because we often store it on cloud services or mobile storage devices.

ZRAM uses the hardware built into the Raspberry Pi to convert data, instead of relying solely on the microSD card. Although microSD cards are fast, ZRAM is even faster.

To download the code, you access GitHub:

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/

The next step is to create an executable file, then edit the rc.local file to run the downloaded script on Pi startup:

sudo chmod + x /usr/bin/

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Here find the exit line 0, and in the above line add the code:

/usr/bin/ &

Press Ctrl + X to save changes and exit.

After restarting the Pi, you will use the ZRAM swap more effectively instead of relying on slower microSD card capacity.

The above article has just taught you how to speed up the Raspberry Pi to run smoother and faster. If you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comments section below.
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