Active Windows 10 - Are unlocking tools safe?

Active Windows 10 – Are unlocking tools safe?

On the Internet today, there are a lot of cracking tools, active Windows 10. The problem is whether the cracking tools are really safe or not? To find the answer, you read along refer to the article below of

The use of cracking tools, cracking Windows or software that is considered to be “breaking the law” furthermore risks the risk, malware or virus attack is also higher. Refer to the article Active Windows 10 – The safe unlocking tools below of to learn more about risks from using unlocking tools.

1. Active Windows 10 – Are unlocking tools safe?

Use cracking tools, active Windows 10 NOT yet is always considered safe, even entails a whole range of risks and potential risks. Specifically:


Not to mention the risk of malware or virus attacks and a host of other risks, first of all using cracking tools, active Windows 10 is considered “infringing”. law, “violating users will be penalized in accordance with the law.

Risks for malware, viruses

You may not know, cracking tools, active Windows can sometimes be the residence of malware and even viruses, trojans, …. Obviously, if you use these tools to crack, activating Windows 10 also means that you are creating opportunities for malicious software to access and invade your computer, change the default settings. , ….

The person behind the malware can gain access and full control over the device, stealing sensitive user data, including credit card information, banking information, eavesdropping on any device. things via microphones, ….

Do not receive patches promptly

Most cracking tools, active Windows 10, do not have the function of updating to new versions. So if you’re accidentally using the “crack” version of the error, serious vulnerabilities mean your computer is more vulnerable to attack because it is not updated in time for patches.

The only solution to avoid these risks is to pay for the license of Windows 10 and use. Or if not, or if you’re a student you might consider using free Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu.

2. Common cracking tools, active Windows 10

On the Internet today is full of cracking tools, active Windows 10, including tools such as KMSpico, KMSAutoLite or Microsoft Toolkit.


The biggest advantage of KMSpico is that it can be used to crack, activate Windows 10 and Office, is very easy to use and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

The limitation is that KMSpico only supports and is compatible on older versions of Windows including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and requires the installation of .NET Framework 4.0.

active windows 10 security tools 2


KMSAutoLite also supports active users, activating the copyright for Windows 10 and Office, but the usage time of the active versions is longer, easy to use and compatible with most versions of Windows from Windows Vista to Windows 10.

Unfortunately, the tool only supports 64-bit Windows systems.

active windows 10 security tools 3

Microsoft Toolkit

With icrosoft Toolkit, users can easily activate, crack Windows 10, Office with just one mouse click.

Like KMSAutoLite, this tool only supports systems, 64-bit versions of Windows.
Active Windows 10 article – Safe unlocking tools above just gave you some potential risks when using unlocking tools, active Windows 10. Hope after this article you Read more about the use of pirated versions of Windows and software. Also, you refer to the way install Windows 10 Here, if you do not know how to setup.


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