ActivePresenter – Use movie function, take screenshots

Filming, taking screenshots of computers has become quite familiar with users for work or study purposes, There are many software such as ActivePresenter or Bandicam … However, choosing which software is suitable is Not everyone knows. And ActivePresenter is a great choice for you.

ActivePresenter is integrated quite a lot of functions: Filming, taking screenshots, editing videos, creating multiple choice questions, … almost a collection of tools for teaching and guidance. The following article will guide you to use ActivePresenter to film, take screenshots.

Using ActivePresenter to record and take photos of computer screens

To use ActivePresenter filming, taking screenshots you need to download and install the software on your computer. You can download the latest version of ActivePresenter here.

Bto wishfirst: Enter the program with the software icon on the desktop.

The main interface of the program


first: Open the performed ProJect

2: Start shooting a new video

3: Start a new Project

Step 2: Click New Capture. A new dialog box appears


1- Name this video

2- Choose where to save this video

3- Mode you choose for video recording

Select the mode you want to use and then press OK, got it to continue.

Step 3: There are options here

first- in section Capture Area including:

– Specific Area: Drag to select the area to rotate

– Application: Rotate only the running application,

– Full Scree: Full screen recording, there’s something that turns

2- CaptureProfile: Other options to customize these options you choose 3, a new window appears, audio options for video (FMR / Audio) select shortcuts to stop, start recording, pause (Hotkeys) …..

Set the options you want to press Save, later OK, got it to continue.
ok, so the program has begun to record the screen, as shown below you will have 3 options:

1: If you want the program to pause.

2: If you have finished recording and stopped

3: If you want to cancel the process, cancel the video recording

When the process is complete, you want to stop and save the video, then select number 2 as shown above or shortcut keys End A new window will appear as the following image.

Step 4: Now you want to export to video then select Export choose Video.

A new notification panel will appear allowing you to select the video format(3), video quality (first) and sound(2) As shown below, you set the options, which leads to where the video is saved (4) Then OK, let the video conversion process begin.

OK, that’s it. You open the video and check to make sure that, if not satisfied, then you perform the process to return to the video. To take a screenshot of doing the same, go to B3, choose Export choose Image.
In general, Active Presenter is a good video recording, screen capture program, high-resolution images and videos, free and unlimited time to use, quite simple and easy to use, highly customizable.


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