ADATA “treaked” a terrible model of PCIe Gen 5 M.2 SSD: 14GB/s speed, up to 8TB capacity, expected to launch at CES 2022

CES 2022, one of the most interested technology events around the world, is about to take place, and manufacturers have begun to make “warm up” moves before G.

ADATA has just made itself the focus of attention when it suddenly revealed information about a high-end PCIe Gen 5 M.2 SSD model, which can deliver speeds of up to 14GB/s with capacities up to 8TB. This SSD model will be officially introduced on the CES 2022 stage, but ADATA’s preliminary information has also partly shown the strength of the product.

Specifically, according to the plan, ADATA will launch 2 SSD Gen 5 M.2 models at CES 2022 with the names Project Nighthawk and Project Nightbird. Both of these SSD models are M.2 and NVMe 2.0 compliant. While there is no specific information on which controller they are based on, it will most likely be Phison’s. In terms of performance, ADATA’s new PCIe Gen 5 SSD model is said to be able to deliver sequential read speeds of up to 14GB/s. In terms of write speed, the Nighthawk can deliver write speeds of up to 12GB/s compared to the Blackbird’s 10GB/s.

In terms of capacity, the new models can support up to 8 TB of storage space, which is more than enough for most use cases. This is obviously a really big performance jump if leveraged properly.

In theory, Gen 5 SSDs could give twice the performance of previous generations, but with that, they will be hotter and consume more power. Therefore, the calculation of input power as well as heat dissipation efficiency will play an important role.

KIOXIA also recently teased its first PCIe 5.0 prototype with read speeds of up to 14000 MB/s and double the IO performance compared to Gen 4.0 SSDs. Phison will definitely be the go-to choice for high-end Gen 5.0 SSDs while competing with Samsung’s own controllers. Marvell also announced that the Bravera SC5 SSD controller based on PCIe Gen 5.0 (NVMe 1.4b standard) will be available in late 2022 alongside Silicon Motion’s own solution. The PCIe 5.0 market is expected to witness fierce competition in the near future.


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