Adblock and Adblock Plus, What's the difference? Should use any utility?

Adblock and Adblock Plus, What’s the difference? Should use any utility?

Adblock and Adblock Plus are similar and different, and deciding which ad blocking tool is most effective and suitable for your browser is not a simple task, but will compare and guide. tells you to use Adblock and Adblock Plus to best suit each browser on your computer.

Few people know that Adblock and Adblock Plus differ greatly not only by name but also in the usage and advantages and disadvantages of each browser ad blocking tool.

Most users will usually install Adblock on Google Chrome or Firefox but this is really not suitable for the advantages and disadvantages of Adblock when applied to each browser. In other words, install Adblock on Google Chrome or Firefox will all have different ad blocking effects.

Distinguish Adblock and Adblock Plus: Features, Advantages and disadvantages

Adblock Plus

As an extension capable of blocking ads first on Firefox and then many other browsers on the computer. However, on Google Chrome browser, due to Adblock Plus causing lag when playing game extensions, users will prefer Adblock.

you know adblock and adblock plus

* Feature

Adblock Plus owns a large community of users, especially those who do not like advertising in the site that distracts attention. Adblock Plus uses open source and has an easy-to-navigate installation interface, especially with a lot of options, ad filters, ignore lists for easy use.

* Advantages

Community of users and open source facilitate the development of many new features.

– The installation process is quite quick and easy.

– Navigation interface and easy-to-use functions

* Defect

There is a difference between adblock and adblock plus

– Force users to optionally allow some ads to still exist through whitelist.

– Do not completely block ads from appearing on a web page.


Adblock is an extension that appeared after the Adblock Plus project and was created exclusively for Google Chrome by an independent developer named Michael Gundlach. Although initially only for Google Chrome but now Adblock has appeared on every different browser.

you know adblock and adblock plus

* Feature

Adblock provides almost all the same features as Adblock Plus with ad blocking filters, custom interface on Google Chrome or Firefox, IE. However, this extension only works best when blocking Chrome ads instead of Firefox or other browsers.

* Advantages

– Open source, easy to customize interface and navigation.

– The installation process is quick and easy on the browsers.

– Use the ad filtering system similar to Adblock Plus

Must know the different adblock and adblock plus

* Defect

– Can slow down the browser if opening multiple tabs, especially when block ads on Google Chrome on the computer.

– The feature of removing ads on YouTube may not work well sometimes, there are still ads.


The ad removal tools Adblock and Adblock Plus have both advantages and disadvantages. Especially when comparing Adblock and Adblock Plus based on browser, users can know which ad blocking tool should be used most effectively.

Advertising online by purpose will be beneficial for all users, but many people take advantage of placing malicious and dangerous links, so the use of Adblock and Adblock Plus is extremely necessary, however. First of all, any user should distinguish Adblock and Adblock Plus properly.
For users on Android phones or iPhones, iPads, they also have ways to block ads on Android using browsers that block ads on Android like Adblock Plus, Orfox: Tor Browser for Android, …


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