Add a hidden way hard drive partitions do not use software

Add a hidden way hard drive partitions do not use software

Hide a whole partition on the drive of the computer without using any supporting software you’ve ever done? The following article will guide you how to perform with tools available on Windows, you refer to offline.

In the previous article we show you how hide hard drive partition If you do not use the software (using the command), then in this article we will continue to guide you how to hide the hard drive partition using Disk Management.

How to hide hard drive partition windows 7 and 8 with Disk Management

Step 1: Right-click Computer —> Manage
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Step 2: Click on Disk Management
Security is not required
Step 3: Right-click the partition to hide and select Change Drive Letter and Paths
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Step 4: Click here Remove
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Step 5: When notified you click Yes
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After clicking Yes, you are done hide hard drive partition, so that partition will not be visible when opening Computer (Do not appear in Explorer anymore) but still exist in Disk Management

To restore that hidden partition, go to Disk Management, right-click on the hidden partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Next, click on Add

Then click Ok, got it (As shown below)

And so the hidden partition will show up on both Disk Management and Computer

So with just a few simple steps, you can manually hide the partition of the computer hard drive or unhide an entire partition on the computer drive quickly without using support software.


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