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Add beautiful, artistic fonts to Powerpoint files


To make your presentations and presentations lively and professional, adding beautiful fonts and art to Powerpoint files is something you should do for manipulating to install more fonts, as well as finding beautiful fonts and fonts. Art word is not difficult.

Basically, the computer and laptop you are using has many popular and popular fonts, enough for you to use at a basic level. If you want to have Add beautiful, artistic fonts to Powerpoint files for a slideshow, you need to add additional fonts such as beautiful fonts, artistic fonts, VNI calligraphy fonts …

Additional fonts are nice for powerpoint files

Add fonts to PowerPoint presentations with beautiful fonts, art words

Add beautiful, artistic fonts to Powerpoint files

Using beautiful fonts, artistic fonts or calligraphic fonts will create the strokes that you write (draft) with the curves, flying, creating a very personal and beautiful style.

Step 1: You download to download the beautiful font, art font, calligraphy font … follow the link below.

– Download Beautiful font here.
– Download Calligraphy Font most beautiful here.

Step 2: To use the beautiful, artistic fonts that you have just downloaded on Powerpoint, you need to install these fonts on your computer and you will be able to use them.

Go to the font directory you have just downloaded -> then proceed to extract and use WinRAR to extract the file.

Additional fonts for audio files for powerpoint 2

Step 3: Go to the directory you just extracted, click each Font or install all, click Ctrl + A to select all the fonts you want to install. Next, right click -> and select Install to install Font

Additional fonts for audio files for powerpoint 3

In addition to the above, you can also copy the fonts you want to install by command Ctrl + C Then navigate to the link C: Windows Fonts and paste the Font into it with the command Ctrl + V.

Additional fonts for audio files for Powerpoint 4

Step 4: After installing Font -> your Powerpoint file can read these beautiful fonts, this art font, and of course, you can use Powerpoint to edit with beautiful and artistic fonts. Create professional presentations.

Additional fonts for audio files for powerpoint 5

The image above is being edited on the Powerpoint 2016 application

Note: If you reopen Powerpoint and see that the newly installed font has not been received, you should restart your computer so that the font is automatically recognized on the Powerpoint application and on other applications that have editing functions. !

Above is the article to help you know how Add beautiful, artistic fonts to Powerpoint files quite simple with very quick steps to Powerpoint you are using right away the best and most beautiful fonts.
In addition, please refer to some more samples Beautiful font for Powerpoint, the art of making a slideshow was introduced by, shared in the previous article to have more options. Good luck!



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