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Line spacing in Google Docs makes text presentation on Google Docs more eye-catching, spacing more appropriate. Follow the instructions below of to spacing lines in Google Docs.

Google Docs is one of the features of Google. To use Google Docs you can go to Gmail on Google Chrome. After signing in to Gmail on Chrome, you will have the option of Google tools. Select Google Docs to get started with online text editing on Google’s leading tool.

To use Google Docs conveniently, you can install Add ons on Google Docs. After successfully installing Add ons on Google Docs, you can work in groups, manipulating more on Google Docs editing tool. After you have finished drafting the text, there are sections you need to separate the line spacing to display it better. Please follow the instructions below.

Line spacing in Google Docs

Step 1: Enter the address Google Docs. Click the + sign to create a new Google Docs file.

Spacebar in google docs

Step 2: After writing the text is complete, to click the line you click Format.

how to behave correctly in google docs

Step 3: Choose next Line Spacing. The normal line spacing on Google Docs is 1.15, you can stretch it by 1.5

guide the way it works in google docs

Step 4: The gap will be widened.

space in google docs service

Step 5: Want to stretch the line spacing more, you choose Custom spacing.

how to be free in the google docs service

Step 6: In Line spacing enter any value, for example the distance you want is 4.

Approach is an easy way in google docs

The gap will be widened a lot.

space by google google docs

Recently introduced to you tips to spacing lines in Google Docs.

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