Add Run Command to Taskbar on Windows 7/8/10

Run Command is a shortcut that can help you access data, programs or admin tools faster without having to spend time searching for specific locations of the program. will guide you how to add Run Command to Taskbar on Windows 7/8 to help you open the program faster without losing any extra operations.

With Run Command available on the Taskbar, you can create shortcut-of shortcuts that save a lot of effort and time when you need to directly access a certain folder on Windows or open the right settings dialog. Privacy, installation, … So, in this article, will guide you how to paste Run Command on the Taskbar on Windows 7/8 to help more convenient to access the Run dialog box.

Add Run Command to Taskbar on Windows 7/8/10

Step 1: Click Start Menu in the “Search programs and files” box, type “Run” and then Enter

Step 2: In the dialog box Run Command is displayed, right-click on the Run Command icon at the bottom of the Taskbar and then select Pin this program to taskbar.

add run command to taskbar on windows

So we can add Run Command on the Taskbar, you absolutely can easily access Run Command with just 1 click on the Taskbar right? By adding Run Command to the Taskbar on Windows 7/8 that offers, it can help you save a lot of operations and time to be able to issue commands to help you access the folder, system. faster system. You can refer to the list of Run Command commands that will help you add the necessary commands as needed to customize Windows quickly.
Often users use the Run window to open CMD (the window to execute the command line). With CMD window, you can know more information about your computer, refer to the most commonly used CMD commands for more details.


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