Add Word Art in PowerPoint

Similar to Word and Excel, you can simply add Word Art in PowerPoint simply and quickly. To know how to insert art words in PowerPoint, please see the sharing tips below.

Create word art (Word Art) is a quick way for you to highlight text, presentations with special effects. Choose a Word Art style from the WordArt library, and then you can customize it to your liking and finally, you get a custom Word Art in PowerPoint.


* You need to prepare:

– PowerPoint programs need to be installed on the computer.

– This article I use PowerPoint 2016. This is a common version and is used by many people today. If you don’t have PowerPoint 2016 installed, download it PowerPoint 2016 here

1. Insert Word Art in PowerPoint

Step 1: You open PowerPoint and then on the tab Insert -> select Word Art ->You choose an art font to create with the available templates as shown below:

add word art in powerpoint 2

Step 2: Enter the content to create word art:

add word art in powerpoint 3

2. Customize Word Art in PowerPoint

Step 3: After entering text to create text -> you on the tab Format to format the word. You clicked Text Fill To select the font color, select Text Outline to choose the border color for text:

add word art in powerpoint 4

Step 4: You can click here Text Effect to choose text effects, for example, you choose 3-D effects for text:

add word art in powerpoint 5

Step 5: Choose other text effects if you want:

add word art in powerpoint 6

Results after you create and edit Word Art in PowerPoint:

add word art in powerpoint 7

3. Rotate or flip WordArt

To rotate WordArt to any angle, select the text, then drag the rotation control at the top of the box to succeed.

add word art in powerpoint 8

So you have just performed the operation to Add Word Art in Powerpoint, it’s simple, isn’t it! Due to the limited article size, I just introduced the most basic steps for you to insert Word Art when using with PowerPoint. You can also create many different types of Word Art and effects depending on the needs of your work.
If you are looking for beautiful Templates in Powerpoint and do not know where to find and get them, refer to Summary Powerpoint templates, PowerPoint presentation slides that shared. Good luck!


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